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How to Draw a Red Rowan in 9 Easy Steps

Rowans are a type of fruit-bearing plant in the Rosaceae family. They grow in Europe and Asia’s cooler climates. The fruit has a diameter of 48 mm. Most of its colors are bright orange or red, while some Asian colors are pink, yellow, or white. The fruit is juicy and sweet. Many birds love its berries. Because the berries are carried by birds, seedlings can be discovered far from any parent tree. The rowan can be found growing on abandoned mines and wasteland, as well as rocky slopes and cliffs, gaps in rock outcrops, and on top of boulders, if the soil is well-drained.

Rowan flowers, on the other hand, are quite appealing to pollinating insects. However, this tree looks to be a bit of an outlier; it appears to be an anthophilous plant, meaning it is pollinated mostly by beetles. Although there aren’t many of them, beetles are attracted to the blossoms’ delicious, rich scent. Flies are also a common sighting. Pollination produces a large essential food for a variety of birds. Rowan is well-known in northern Europe as one of the most important food sources for fruit-eating birds.

Now that you already know some facts about Red Rowan, it’s your turn now to show your talent in drawing.

Step 1: Draw the Fruit

Start your red rowan by drawing groups of small circles. Draw the circle on the upper portion of the paper. Draw three circles in diagonal form.  The two should be connected. Then draw another below the third circle and the last circle will be drawn above the fourth circle.   

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Step 2: Add more Fruit

Now let’s add another set of six small circles to your paper. Draw these circles on the lower portion of your drawing. Just follow the pattern of the circles you’ve to drown earlier. Make sure that the circles are all connected to the other circle.

Step 3: Draw more Fruit

In this step, we will add another set of circles, but you will draw this in between the two circles overlapping each other. Make sure all fruits are connected. Don’t put too many circles. Be sure that your drawing is still good to look at.

Step 4: Remove Extra Lines

The next thing that we need to do is to erase some lines in your drawing to look cleaner and good to look at. Erase lines inside each circle. Make sure that the circles are still connected. 

Step 5: Draw a Stem

In this step, we will draw the stem of your fruit. You will be using curve lines for the stem. Draw short lines in the middle part of the circles that serve as a stem that holds the fruit together. Then draw a big curved line on the right portion of the fruit. 

Step 6: Add more Stem

Let’s continue step 5 by adding curved lines to your drawing.  For them to look strong and connected we need to draw more stems. Make sure to connect those circles that are separated from the group.

Step 7: Add More Stem

After connecting all the fruit using the stem or the short curved line, draw a big curved line from the big stem going upward. You can make the stem longer if you want.

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Step 8: Add Details

Now, let’s add the last stem for your red rowan. To make the fruit real add details to it. Draw a small oblong shape on the bottom part of each fruit. Now that you added a small oblong shape to your fruit, your drawing looks so real.

Step 9: Finish up!

Congratulations you’ve reached the end of this tutorial. Now, in your own personal preferences choose a color that makes your drawing better and looks so yummy. After that don’t forget to show it to your family and friends.

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