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Online resources for parents by parents!

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Free Activity Resources for Parents

In addition to articles listing out kid activity ideas for parents, we offer hundreds of free coloring pages parents can download as well as fun “how to draw” and craft tutorials parents can use for their kids.

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Get online, enjoy offline

As parents, we know screentime can easily get out of hand. Yet, we know that kids love doing things that don’t involve a screen… they just need the resources and ideas. This inspired us to provide free fun activity resources for parents to inspire and nudge their kids to engage in creative projects such as coloring, drawing tutorials and craft ideas.

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Who we are

We are a group of parents who love giving our kids fun activities that foster creativity, problem-solving and other positive skills in our kids. We believe learning can and should be fun.



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    Coloring Pages

    Check out all our blog post articles here.  This is where we write about toys, kids' activities and how to teach kids different things.
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