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Online resources for parents by parents!

Free Coloring Pages

We have a large and growing collection of coloring pages on all kinds of themes you can download (PDF) print or color online for FREE.

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How to Draw Tutorials

Fun series for kids that teaches how to draw different animals, objects and more.

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Craft Tutorials

Get craft ideas or do our crafts that we’ve done and provided step-by-step instructions.

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Word Search Puzzles

Check out our custom collection of word search puzzles you can download and/or print.

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Maze Puzzles

Download and/or print our custom maze puzzles. Done one, two or get them all.

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Toy Articles

Learn about many toys and toy gift ideas for kids.

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Activity Ideas for Kids

Get kid activity ideas for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages.

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Online Games & Puzzles

Play online puzzle games for free.

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