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Cartoon Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printable Downloads)

About our Cartoon-themed coloring pages

There's one thing I have noticed about kids, even the tiniest of tots. They all love cartoons! My little niece is about three years old, going on thirty. She's not in the least bit interested in all my favorite shows, such as Friends, The Office, or Breaking Bad. Oh no! She would rather run around the house and get up to all sorts of naughty stuff. 

But the moment she sees Peppa Pig, the Minions, or some other animated show on Cartoon Network, she turns into a good little girl. She sits so still, entranced by the world of cartoons, and you can tell she finds the stories enchanting. I recently discovered that she feels and acts the same way around cartoon coloring pages. 

So, What's So Great About Cartoons?

Let's face it. Most adults love cartoons too. My favorite cartoon character is Moana, and I just can't get over how they made her so pretty and brave. Well, at least that gives my niece and me something in common because she loves Moana too. Luckily, our collection of cartoon coloring sheets includes coloring pages that depict Moana on her adventures with Maui, plus other different scenes. 

They are very detailed and super accurate. After seeing the movie, my niece had no problem recognizing Moana on the printed sheets at all. Her face just lit up, and when I brought out the crayons, she grabbed one and started coloring away.
Now that I think of it, I believe kids love cartoons because of all the color involved. Cartoons are vibrant and eye-catching. This is also why kids love cartoon coloring pages.

The pages may look plain and dull at first, but they represent a challenge to kids who know what they should look like. For instance, there's this cartoon coloring page that shows Moana and Maui out on the sea. I was pretty impressed when my niece picked out a blue crayon perfect for coloring the sea.

The other great thing about these printable coloring pages is they provide a fun way to tell kids interesting stories about different cartoon characters. Fun stories, stories about bravery, adventure stories, stories that spark their imagination and creativity - you name it! Even if it's a story they have heard before, telling it while helping them work on the cartoon coloring pages makes it more captivating.

My niece already knows about the Cinderella story, but she still wanted me to tell it after printing out a Cinderella cartoon coloring sheet. Sometimes, she will ask me questions, like, "Do you think this is the same dress Cinderella wore to the ball?" The kid especially loves coloring the cartoon's outfits and dressing them up in different colors. The colors she uses always come out looking good, but the most important thing is she has a blast while doing it!

Enjoy Our Cartoon Coloring Pages

Now, enough about my adorable niece. Our cartoon coloring pages are designed to be enjoyed by almost everyone, including toddlers, preschoolers, older kids, and even whole families. As I mentioned, there are not many people in the world that don't like cartoons.

Our cartoon coloring pages are super fun, and there's enough variety to suit everyone's taste, whether you or the young ones in your life are interested in Moana, princesses, pirates, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Harry Potter, and everything in between. So bring out those crayons, pencils, markers, and pens because each free coloring page needs plenty of colors to look good and feel complete!

The pages are easy to download, ready to print, and you can save as many PDFs as you want or create a cartoon coloring book. Enjoy!

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