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How to Draw a Strawberry in 8 Easy Steps (for Kids)

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How to draw a strawberry

Did you know that strawberries are the only fruit that has a seed on the outside? It has around  200 seeds on it.   This fruit is good for our brain and body, it provides vitamins C to our body that keeps us going. Through strawberries, you can do a lot of things like making jam and candies, you can also mix this with your cereal. I remember when I was still a kid, my eldest sister loves to make fruit shakes one of those fruits is strawberries.  She always told us that this is good for our bodies, so instead of coke, we drink this.

Do you also love strawberries? If you do, then let’s draw our strawberry by following the easy steps below. 

Step 1: Start the Base

Let’s begin our juicy strawberry by simply drawing a horizontal oval shape. Draw this on the upper part of your paper.  Make sure that the oval shape is big as what you imagine in your strawberry.

Step 2: Draw the Body

How to draw a strawberry

We are done with the base of the strawberry, now let’s proceed to the body. The body looks like a V-shape. Start the V-shape from the left of the oval going to the right side of the oval shape. The tip of our V-shape must not be pointed. Change the pointer one to a small curve line.  

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Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

How to draw a strawberry

Removing extra lines will help our drawing improve. Erase some extra lines inside the body of your strawberry. This time your drawing looks like a heart shape with a flat at the top of it. 

Step 4: Draw the Sepal

How to draw a strawberry

To make our sepal perfect, draw a 1-inch-long diagonal line on top of both sides of the body. To connect those two diagonal lines, draw a curve line on the tip of the two diagonal lines that you’ve drawn earlier. This drawing looks like a cap of a nurse, and this will help you in making your leaves later.  

Step 5: Add the Leaves

Now let’s draw more lines to form the leaves of your strawberry. Start doing the up-down stroke on the edge of the nurse cap that you’ve drawn in step 4. Make sure that the up-down stroke will be connected, and the leaves should be pointed.  

Step 6: Remove Extra lines

How to draw a strawberry

We are almost done with our juicy strawberry, let’s remove extra lines to make it perfect. Erase the curve line that doesn’t look like the leaves of your strawberry. Be careful in erasing those lines you might erase the important lines for your leaves.

Step 7: Draw the Seeds

This time we will draw the important part of the strawberry, the seeds. Seeds are very important because through this we can make plants, another set of strawberries. Draw these seeds inside the body. Draw a very tiny V-shape then enclose it with a curve line. Draw seeds as many as you can but the distance between the seeds must be observed.

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Step 8: Finish up!

How to draw a strawberry

In this step, you can trace your strawberry with a black marker to make it clearer. Then, color it to make it more real. You can choose the color you like for your strawberry. After that show it to your family and friends. Congratulations!

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