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How to Draw a Pineapple in 11 Easy Steps

Did you know that the ripe pineapple’s first name was “pina” because it looks like a large pinecone? It takes 24 months to grow one pineapple and each plant pineapple produces one fruit. Pineapple stops ripening after it is picked. The color might change but the ripening stops once picked.

This fruit has a lot of benefits, it is rich in vitamin C, Fibers, manganese, and vitamins of the B group and it strengthens the immune system. This fruit is also made up of 86% of water and 13% carbohydrates with almost no fat or protein.

They are one of the most unusual-looking tropical fruits. Chunks of pineapple are used in desserts/ such as fruit salad, as well as in some savory dishes, including pizza toppings, or as a grilled ring on a hamburger.

With that, now is the time for you to learn how to draw a pineapple in 11 easy steps!

Step 1: Draw the Body

For step 1, let’s draw the head of your caterpillar. Draw a vertical oval shape on the left portion of your Let’s begin by sketching a pineapple outline. It should have an oval shape with a slightly flattened top and bottom. Make sure the crown of leaves has enough room at the top of your sketching area.

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Step 2: Draw the First Leaf

Add the initial section of the crown of the leaf of the pineapple outline. On the top of the pineapple in the middle part draw a vertical oval with a pointed edge. Make sure that it looks like an ordinary leaf that we can see in our surroundings.

Step 3: Add two Leaves

One of the cutest things about the caterpillar is its antenna. . Which is located on the top of the head of yLet’s add more leaves to your pineapple. Draw one-pointed leaf on the left side of the first leaf that you’ve drawn earlier and another pointed leaf on the right side of it. Make sure that these two leaves that you added must be connected to the first leaf and a little longer than the first one.

Step 4: Add Two More Leaves

In this step add another two leaves to your drawing. This time draw two leaves smaller than you’ve drawn on the second set of leaves earlier. Again, these leaves must be pointed and connected to the second set of leaves.

Step 5: Draw the Middle Crown

We are done filling out all the leaves on the bottom part, this time let’s add leaves in the middle. Draw a medium size of an inverted V-Shape facing upward and on the top of the medium leaf add another leaf on the top of it. This second leaf must be bigger than the previous leaf.

Step 6: Add Crown at the Side

For it to be more attractive let’s add more crowns to your pineapple. On the left side of the middle crown, draw two slanting V-shapes facing on left. On the right side, draw another two slanting V-shaped facing on the right side. Be sure that these crowns are connected to the crown below and the crown in the middle.

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Step 7: Add Middle Crowns

The next thing that we need to do is to add more middle crowns to your pineapple. To do this, draw a big V-shape that both edges are connected to the crown that you’ve drawn earlier. This is the 5th leaf of your middle crown.

Step 8: Add More Crown

Since we added crowns in the middle, we also need to add crowns beside it. On both sides of the middle crown that you’ve drawn on step 7, draw a slanting V-Shape that faces on the left side and the other on the right side. Make sure that those two are connected to the crown in the middle and below.  

Step 9: Draw the First Pattern

Finally, we are done with your longest leaves pointing upward and sideways. Let’s work on the body of the pineapple. To draw the pattern of the pineapple, let’s make a set of curvy slanting lines inside the fruit. This line looks like stripes. In the lines make sure to observe the distance.

Step 10: Finish the Pattern

In the opposite direction draw a second set of lines and overlap the first set that you created earlier. Make sure to observe the distance between each line. Your pineapple looks like a real one.

Step 11: Finish Up!

Congratulations! You made it! Now let’s finish your drawing by putting color on it. This is your time to shine. Show your talent in combining colors for your pineapple. Make sure that the color of your pineapple look likes so yummy whenever they see it.

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