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How to Draw a Banana in 11 Easy Steps

Did you know that bananas contain 75% water? They are high in nutritional value and are a healthy snack. This fruit brings many health benefits. banana contains potassium, Vitamins B6, C, Copper, Magnesium, carbs, and fiber. Eating bananas may lower your risk of having a heart attack.

A Banana’s nutritional value is as high as an apple. Since they have the same value, we can also say “A banana a day keeps the doctors away”. Bananas are not only healthy fruit that gives us a lot of nutrients in our body but they are also used in making our clothes through fiber.

Now, it’s your time to learn how to draw a banana in 11 easy steps! Follow these steps.

Step 1: Draw the Guide

In this first step of your drawing lesson, we must draw the primary vertical curve line on the center of the paper. This curve line will serve as the guide in shaping the outer shape of the banana.

Step 2: Draw the Outer Shape

You’ll be using two vertical curve lines to achieve the outer shape of your banana. On both sides of the vertical curve line, draw another curved line that parallels the vertical curve line that you’ve drawn earlier.

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Step 3: Remove Extra Line

We are done shaping the outer shape of your banana, now let’s remove some extra lines in your banana. Erase the vertical curve lines in the center. Make sure to erase all the lines inside the banana.

Step 4: Start the Skin

To start the skin of the banana, draw a diagonal line inside the banana. Begin drawing the skin in the center of the banana going up. Same on the other side, start drawing the diagonal line on the center going up. Make sure that these two diagonal lines will be located inside the banana and will overlap a little. Then at the bottom of the banana draw a curve line going inside.

Step 5: Continue the Skin

Let’s continue the skin by drawing another set of curve lines. From the left diagonal line draw a curve line going down, then on the left side draw another curved line from the diagonal line going down.

Step Step 6: Finish the Skin

To make the skin visible to the eyes, let’s make the skin thicker. From the curve line that you’ve drawn earlier, draw another curved line parallel to the first curve line. Connect the two-curve line.

Step 7: Add Skin

If you’ve seen a banana, the banana has a lot of skin when you’re about to peel it. Now let’s make another set of the skin of your drawing. From the left side of your banana draw a curve line going down. Then, another short curved line on the right side of the banana.

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Step 8: continue the Skin

This time add two segments are preparation for the next segment going downward. To do this add a half-All we must do in this step is to draw a curve line on the left side and it must be parallel to the curve line that you’ve drawn earlier. Then, on the right-side draw a diagonal line to enclose the curve line that you’ve drawn earlier.  

Step 9: Finish the Skin

Let’s add more skin to our banana, by drawing a curve line. From the right side of the skin that you’ve drawn on step 8, draw a curved line under the second skin. This part of the skin of your banana is on the right side.

Step 10: Add Details

Hurray, we are almost done with our drawing lesson. Now in this step add other details to make the skin of your banana looks real. Draw a curved line under the peeling part of the banana. Make sure that this curve line must be drawn in the center.

Step 11: Finish up!

Hurray!!! Congratulations!! One more step to go and your drawing is good to go. For the color, you can choose whatever color you like. You can follow the color that is given above. If you are done, be sure to show your drawing to your family and friend. 

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