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How to Draw a Cucumber in 8 Easy Steps (for Kids)

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Did you know that cucumber contains more than 90% of water? It is a rich source of vitamins C and vitamins of the B group and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Cucumber is not a vegetable it is a fruit. This fruit appears 8 to 10 weeks after planting. One plant produces 25 to 125 fruits. Cucumber has a hairy, angled stem that can grow in the form of a vine or shrub. Spiraling tendrils support the growth of vines by attaching to the nearby structures.

Did you enjoy the interesting facts about the cucumber? Now, you will also enjoy drawing cucumber by following the 8 steps on how to draw a cucumber. 

Step 1: Draw the Outline of the Cucumber

Let’s start the lesson by sketching the shape of the cucumber using an elongated oblong shape. Start the cucumber by drawing a vertically elongated oblong in the middle of your paper. The size of your cucumber will be up to you. 

Step 2: Add Details

Have you seen a seed of a Mango? If yes, then, I want you to sketch a seed of mango inside the vertically elongated shape that you’ve drawn in step one. If you are still confused, then check the reference image above.

Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

This time let’s erase the extra lines in your drawing. Erasing the lines will help a lot to make your drawing better. Now, I want you to erase the lines outside the shape of the cucumber. Make sure that you didn’t include the shape inside.

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Step 4: Draw the Stem and the Flower

The next thing that you need to do is to draw the stem and flower. For the stem, draw an irregular shape on the top of the cucumber. For the flower, just draw a connected curved line on the bottom.

Step 5: Add Details

A cucumber has details on its body now let’s add details to it. On the top, draw three small circles. This circle will form a triangle. Then, draw small circles in the middle, the two circles will be on the side the other will be on the opposite side. Lastly, draw two circles on the bottom. 

Step 6: Add more Details

Now, let’s add more details to our cucumber. Draw small circles on the side part of the cucumber. Fill in all space that you’ve on it. If you have a hard time doing it, then you can use an object to trace a perfect small circle to it.

Step 7: Add Details on the Middle

This time, we will add details in the middle part of the cucumber still we will be using a small circle to it. Fill in all the space with a small circle. Again, you can use an object to trace a perfect small circle for the details.

Step 8: Finish up!

Now that you completed your drawing, this time we add colors to your drawing to look better. But before you color it, trace your cucumber with a black pen or marker to see it clearly. Then color it with color green with a little yellow.

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