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How to Draw a Blackcurrant in 14 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a black currant.

The blackcurrant, also known as cassis, is a deciduous shrub of the Grossulariaceae family that is planted for its tasty berries. It is found in a temperate region of central and northern Europe, as well as northern Asia, where it likes moist fertile soil. Both commercially and domestically, it is widely grown.

Did you learn some interesting facts about blackcurrant? Now it’s time for you to showcase your talent by drawing this blackcurrant

How to Draw a Blackcurrant

Easy steps in drawing a black currant.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Stem

Draw the stem of the black currant.

Begin your blackcurrant by drawing the stem. To do this, in the upper portion of your paper, draw a not-so-perfect slanting line. The size of the stem will be up to you but make sure that the size of the stem will hold all the berries. 

Step 2: Add Lines

Draw the lines on the stem of the black currant.

In continuation with the first step, draw another slanting line beside it. Make sure that the size of these two slanting lines is the same. Then enclose both sides with a short, curved line. Then draw another curved line from the top going downward.

Step 3: Add more Stem

Draw multiple stem for the black currant.

If you try to observe, berries are so many in every plant. Now, let’s draw more stems to our drawing to make more berries later. Draw a curve line but make sure that the distance between those curved lines is observed. Because later on, we add fruits or berries to each stem.

Step 4: Add short stem

Draw the small stem of the black currant.

Let’s add a short stem to our drawing this stem will hold the berries. Draw a short stem on both sides of the long stem that you made earlier. Again, observe distance in putting the short stem for the berries later.

Step 5: Add Blackcurrant

Draw the black currant fruit.

Now, in every stem that you made earlier, on the tip of each stem draw a not-so-big circle. You can use an object to trace a perfect circle for your berries. Make sure that all berries will not overlap with other fruit. 

Step 6: Add more Blackcurrant

Draw more black currant fruit.

As I said earlier, a blackcurrant is a group fruit in one plant. To make it more real draw more fruit in the stem. Draw a stem then add fruit on the tip of it. This time, the other fruit will overlap with the other fruit. Be sure that your drawing is still good to look at.

Step 7: Erase Extra Lines

Remove extra lines of the black currant.

Now that we are done adding all the blackcurrant let’s erase some lines that make your drawing untidy. Erase all the lines inside each circle. Make sure that the fruits are still connected after you erase some lines in your drawing.

Step 8: Add Leaf

Draw the leaves of the black currant.

Plant or fruits are empty without leaves. In this step, we will add leaves to your drawing on the upper portion of the big stem, draw a short slanting line, then from the tip of that line, in the opposite direction, draw a curve line going upward. Then this two-curve line will meet at the center.

Step 9: Add more Leaves

Draw the detail of the leaves.

I think your drawing is still empty, let’s add two leaves side the first leaf that you’ve drawn earlier. In the same process, draw two curve lines then will meet in the center. Do it again on the other side. These two leaves will slightly overlap with the first leaf. 

Step 10: Erase Extra Lines

Remove extra lines for the leaves of the black currant.

This step is very easy, all you must do is erase lines that are not included in your drawing. Now to see the beauty of your leaf erase the lines inside the leaf. Now your leaf looks like the leaves in Canada. 

Step 11: Add details

Add more details to the leaves of the black currant.

We are done forming the leaf of the blackcurrant, this time let’s add details to your leaf. Inside the leaf draw three lines. One the middle and the two lines the side. Again, sure that it is still good to look at.

Step 12: Add Details

Draw more details for the black currant fruit.

Let’s add details to the fruit by drawing inside each fruit. Draw a small circle inside each fruit. Then add a short curve line on the bottom part of each fruit. Make sure that your drawing is still good to look at after adding details to the fruit.

Step 13: Add more Details

Thirteenth steps in drawing black currant.

Are you familiar with half-moon? If yes, then this step is very easy for you. On the bottom part of the fruit draw a very thin half-moon shape in each fruit. This will make your drawing more attractive and more real.

Step 14. Finish up!

Final step in drawing black currant with colors.

Are you excited to color your blackcurrant? If yes, then let’s get started, Color your fruit according to its color. Make sure to color it properly. Then after that show it to your family and friends. You did a great job, kiddo.   


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