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How to Draw an Orange in 9 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing an orange.

Did you know that oranges are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin C? This is the reason why orange is one of the most popular fruit in the world. Around 85% of all oranges produced are used for juice. The most popular beverage in America is orange juice.

During our Christmas and new year, celebration orange is one of the fruits that are always present on our table. It is also a favored snack given to children like you.

Do you want to draw your own orange fruit? Come, let’s do it by following the steps below.

Easy steps in drawing an orange.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Main Shape

Drawing the circle for an orange.

Let’s start our oranges by drawing a perfect circle. Draw your circle on the upper part of your paper. You can use an object that has a perfect circle shape, to help you get a perfect circle.

Step 2: Add the Halved Orange

How to draw an orange.

The next thing that you need to do is to draw a vertical oval shape. Draw this on the lower left side of the whole orange. Make sure that the oval shape will overlap with the whole orange. The oval shape will serve as the half slice of orange.

Step 3: Add the Peduncle Extremity

How to draw an orange.

Peduncle extremity is found on the top middle of the orange. This will help the orange fruit and stem stay connected. To do this, just simply draw a small star then draw a small circle in the middle of the small star. Then erase the curve line that overlaps with the oval shape. 

Step 4: Add More Lines

How to draw an orange.

To make our half slice orange more visible, let’s add lines to it. On the right side of the oval shape draw a curve line that starts from the top to the bottom. One-fourth of the oval shape will be enclosed with the curve line. Then, draw a small circle in the middle of your half slice of orange.

Step 5: Start the Segment (Juice)

How to draw an orange.

Since we are done with the outer part of the orange, let’s move on to the inner part. This is where we get the juice called a segment. To do this, on both sides of the inner part of your orange draw a V-shape then encloses it with a curve line.  Make sure that the V-shape will start from the small circle going to the edge of the orange. Do it the same on the right side.  

Step 6: Add More Segments (Juice)

Draw the segment juice of the orange.

This time we will add segments on the top and the bottom. Start to draw a V-shape from the small circle then enclose it with a half oval shape to reach the edge.  Do it the same on the bottom part.

Step 7: Complete All Segments

How to draw an orange.

Let’s add two segments on the top and at the bottom. Again, from the small circle draw a V-shape then enclose it with the oval shape. Do this on the remaining area for the segments. Make sure that all area is full of all the segments.

Step 8: Remove Extra Lines

Eighth steps in drawing an orange.

Let’s remove those lines that are not included in our drawing. Erase the small circle located in the middle of the segments. Make sure that only the small circle is erased from the area. Do not include the lines from segments.

Step 9: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing an orange with colors.

Now, I want you to color it according to its color. The segments and the peel are color orange, and the remaining part is color white. Please color it properly. After that show your drawing to your family and friend. Good job kiddo!

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