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How to Draw Grapes in 12 Easy Steps

How to draw grapes.

Did you know that grapes are not fruits they are berries, it is a type of fleshy fruit? Grapes are over 80% water which makes them a low-calorie food. Grape help minimize heart attack risk. Through grapes, you can make a grape shake, Jam, and wine. Grapes are very helpful in regulating blood sugar. It will help you to maintain a blood sugar balance. 

Grapes use medicine for sore throat, constipation, and eye infection. It appears in many colors. White, black, green, red, blue, purple, and golden. Asthma, indigestion, migraine, kidney disease, and weariness are all treated with grapes. It reduces the risk of heart attacks by increasing acid levels in the blood, which helps to avoid blood clots.

Grapes’ sweet and sour flavor brightens your mood and relieves stress and despair. Grapes are low in cholesterol, salt, and fat, yet high in vitamins K and C.

Do you want to draw your own grapes? Now, let’s get started.

How to Draw Grapes

How to draw grapes.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: First Grape

How to draw grapes

Let’s start this tutorial by drawing a small and not-so-perfect circle shape. Draw a small circle in the middle of your paper. This small circle is our first grape in your drawing. You can use a coin in doing this.

Step 2: Add More Grapes

How to draw grapes.

In this step, we will draw the second grapes on your paper. To draw this second grape, draw it beside the grape you’ve drawn earlier. Make sure that the second grape will overlap with the first grape that you made. Again, you can use a small coin for tracing a circle. 

Step 3: Add More Grapes

How to draw grapes.

This time, we will add 8 more grapes to your drawing. Using the coin draw 8 circles on your paper. Start drawing the circle on the right side then surround it counting from 1 to 8 circles.  Make sure that those circles will overlap on both sides of each circle.

Step 4: Complete the Grapes

How to draw grapes.

Let’s add three more circles on the lower part of the grapes that you made earlier. As we can see there are three circles located below. Now, let’s add two circles that overlap them. Then lastly draw another circle under the two circles that you have drawn earlier. Again, make sure that those circles will overlap with the circle that surrounds them.

Step 5: Remove Extra lines

How to draw grapes.

Carefully remove the lines that overlap with each small circle. Let’s start erasing from the top. Make sure to erase the lines that overlap with each circle. Then after erasing the extra lines on the top. Let’s erase the middle part and the lower part.

Step 6: Clean up!

How to draw grapes.

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the ears of the monkeys. We will just simply draw two half circles on the top of the head of your monkey. One-half circle on the right side and another half on the left side of it.

Step 7: Draw the Stem

How to draw grapes.

Stems are the one who holds the bunch of grapes. Now let’s draw the stem of our grapes, by drawing on the upper part of our grapes. Draw a curve line going upward-facing at the right side of the paper. The stem must be three inches long.

Step 8: Complete the Stem

How to draw grapes.

Let’s add another curve line to the stem of your grapes. Draw this on the right side of the curved line that you’ve drawn earlier. It should be one half apart from the first curve line then 3 inches long. Enclose the two-curve line with a small horizontal line.

Step 9: Draw the Leaf Guide

Draw the leaf guide of the grapes.

This time we will draw a curve line on the left side of the stem. To do this, draw a curved line starting from the left side of the stem going down to the second grapes. Make sure that your curve line is big enough for your leaves.

Step 10: Draw the Leaf

Drawing the leaves of the grapes.

Now let’s start making the leaves of our grapes by making an up-down stroke from the stem going to the edge of the curved line that you’ve drawn earlier. Make sure that those up-down strokes are connected until they reach the edge of the curved line.  

Step 11: Remove Extra Line

Eleventh steps in drawing a grapes.

Now that we are done with the leaves, let’s remove the guide to making it. Erase those curve lines that are not included in the leaves. Remember that the leaves have a pointed edge. All the lines not included should be removed.

Step 12: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing a grapes with colors.

We are now on the last step of your drawing. In which you will decide what color you want in your grapes. Since it has a variety of colors you can choose from, white, red, purple, blue, back, and green. Make sure to color it properly then show it to your family and friends. Congratulations!

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