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How to Draw a Jellyfish in 8 Easy Steps (for Kids)

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Is your child interested in marine creatures? It is about time you introduce them to an interesting creature called the jellyfish. Jellyfish are among the most intriguing and easy to draw creatures of the marine world. So, if your child is also interested in art, this is the perfect creature to start their journey to art!

Follow the easy steps below and have fun drawing and learning about Jellyfish!

Step 1: Draw the Body/Bell

We start by drawing an oblong at the center of the page. Make sure that it is drawn horizontally, having the widest part of the oblong on the horizontal plane.

As the name implies, the jellyfish has a liquid to jelly-like body we commonly call the Bell. Depending on the size of the body of water they are in they can be small or large. No wonder jellyfishes are bigger in the ocean but are smaller in an aquarium. 

Step 2: Draw the Bell Margins

Let’s draw an important body part of the jellyfish. We do this by drawing six small circles at the bottom part of the body. Make sure you draw the small circles close to each other, no gaps between them. They also should overlap a little bit on the body of the jellyfish.

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Did you know that the jellyfish is able to swim because of this body part called the Bell Margins? Now you know! They move up and down by contracting and relaxing the muscles on the bell margins. 

Step 3: Add some Details

To make our drawing cleaner, let’s erase the lines of the small circles that overlap with the oblong we’ve drawn earlier. Also, erase the part where the small circles meet each other side by side. This makes the bell margins of our jellyfish look cleaner and cuter.

Step 4: Draw the Tentacles

We start drawing the tentacles by drawing five long and wavy lines from the body of the jellyfish downwards. Make sure you draw each tentacle out of the center of the small circles of the bell margins. Fun fact, the tentacles of the jellyfish serve as a defense and also as a weapon to capture their prey. Each tentacle has a toxic substance that can sting or paralyze their victims. 

Step 5: Make the Tentacles Thicker

The jellyfish tentacles are not as thin as you may think, so we must draw them the same way. To do this, trace a parallel line on the left side of the tentacle down and up to the right side, wrapping the entire tentacle. After that, we do this to each of the remaining tentacles we’ve drawn before.

Step 6: Clean up the Lines

After wrapping the tentacles, we now have a thick-lined tentacle. To make this cleaner, erase the middle line of the tentacle. The first wavy line we drew earlier. Make sure you do not erase the lines beside it. In case you make a mistake, go ahead and draw the part you accidentally erased.

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Step 7: Draw the Eyes

Let’s draw the eyes of the jellyfish. We do this by drawing two medium-sized circles on top of the body of the jellyfish. Draw the circles next to each other, making sure that you leave a small gap in between them.

Step 8: Add Finishing Details!

Lastly, let’s make our jellyfish’s eyes and mouth cuter! We do this by drawing a small circle in each eye and then shading it black with a pencil. Then at the lower right corner erase a small half circle. Then at the center of the body let’s draw a happy smile. After that, we’re done! Good job!

You can, later on, choose to color your own drawing or not. Good thing jellyfishes come in a variety of colors. Some even glow in the dark! Have fun and color them however you like. 

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