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How to Draw an Octopus in 10 Easy Steps

Easy ways how to draw an octopus.

Imagine how many candies you could get if you had eight arms?

Octopus are sea creatures with eight arms and round heads that are well-known. The eight tentacles of the octopus are one of its most distinguishing features. They are also known because of the dark liquid called “ink” that comes out.  This ink will be out if they are startled. And not just that, ink is also used towards predators.

Octopus can do both, swimming, and crawling. In swimming, they swim backward by pumping water through a muscular tube on their body called a “siphon”. Lastly, octopuses are boneless, they can get into or out of small areas.

If you love to draw your own octopus, this step-by-step tutorial will help you draw your favorite animal.

Easy ways how to draw an octopus.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head

Drawing the body of the Octopus.

Let’s draw the most important part of the octopus, the head. We will be using an oblong shape for the head of the octopus. Draw an oblong shape on the upper portion of your paper. There should be a large gap at the bottom because we will be adding some tentacles there very soon.  

Step 2: Add the Mantle

Drawing the mantle of the Octopus.

In this step, we will draw a letter V with a slight curve for the mantle. To do this, from the left side of the head, draw a slanting line going downward, then after that, from that line, add another slanting going upward under the right portion of the head. 

Step 3: Draw the Eye Guides and Remove Extra Lines

Drawing the Eyes of the octopus.

The Eye guides will help you draw the eyes easier. So, let’s draw the eye guide for the eyes later. Draw two circles in the upper portion of the head. The left circle will slightly go beyond the head. Then erase the line that separates the head and the mantle.

Step 4: Remove Extra Lines and Draw the Eyes

Draw the detail of the eyes.

Before we draw the eyes, erase the line inside the left eye guide. Now that you are done erasing the line, draw a shaded crescent moon shape in the eye guide that you made earlier. These are the eyes of your octopus.

Step 5: Draw the Mouth

Draw the mouth of the octopus.

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the mouth of our octopus. To do this, you just simply draw a letter C facing upward. Your octopus looks so happy for putting a mouth on it.

Step 6: Draw the Guide for the Tentacles

Draw the guides of the tentacles.

For now, we will draw the guide for the tentacles of the octopus. Draw eight kinds of curved lines that look like a hook. Make sure that there is a gap between each hook so we can still draw the tentacles for the octopus.

Step 7: Draw the Tentacles

Draw the tentacles of the octopus.

Tentacles can move in a variety of directions, so don’t be afraid to experiment with their placement. All you must do in this step is to follow the guidelines for your tentacles that you made in step 6. You can make them even bendier and twisty if you want. 

Step 8: Clean the Tentacles

Remove the extra lines on the tentacles.

The tentacles of an octopus are one of its most distinguishing features, therefore we’ll start erasing the lines that make them untidy. Erase all the lines inside each tentacle. Make sure that the tentacles are still connected even if you erase some lines on them.

Step 9: Remove Extra Lines

Remove the extra on the body.

Now that all the tentacles are drawn, let’s remove lines that separate the tentacles from the body of the octopus. Slowly erase the lines that cover the tentacles. Be sure that the last tentacles on both sides are still connected to the body.

Step 10: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing octopus with colors.

I think I know the reason why your octopus is smelling because you did a great job in this lesson tutorial. This time, feel free to choose the color you love for your octopus. Then forget to show it to your family and friends.

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