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How To Draw A Whale

Whales are likely the most majestic of all the marine animals that we get to see. They can be huge and are generally not as busy as most sea animals that we get to witness. Finding yourself in awe of a blue whale is something that is bound to happen. This is why learning to draw one should fascinate you just as much. Learn how to complete your whale drawing by following these easy steps. 

Step 1: Draw the Eye

First things first, it’s important for you to ensure that your whale has the main body parts that he needs to move around the ocean. The most important detail that you’ll see in your completed whale drawing is the eye. So, take your white construction paper and your black pen to draw this eye. Move your black pen slightly towards the bottom left of your page. This should be about a third of your paper. Now draw a circle that’s the size of a grape on your paper.  It needs to be a full round circle. 

Step 2: Draw the Mouth and Upper Body

To start drawing the mouth, you want to move your black pen slightly below your completed grape-sized circle. Aim for at least 60° from below your circle. Now, draw an almost diagonal line that goes from below the eye towards the left of your construction paper. Don’t make it too long, then move up at an almost 90° angle towards the top of your page. 

When you reach the top third of your page, you should slightly curve this line down in a diagonal direction until you reach the middle of your paper. Now, slightly curve your line upwards and then move back up again. 

Step 3: Connect the Rest of the Body 

Move back to where your mouth started. Draw a line slightly parallel to the straight line that you drew below the eye. Move this line towards the right of your page. It should end at the tail of your whale. Connect the upper and lower ends of your tail. Then, your whale is finished. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Whales

1. Can whales sing?

One of the most interesting facts that we likely don’t know about whales is that they can sing. If you’ve ever heard some sound coming from a whale, you haven’t imagined it. Whales are known for their singing capabilities. However, it’s only the male whales who have gifted vocal cords. They sing as a way to lure and serenade their female counterparts. If you ever want to listen to a melodic sound by whales, you should hang around some blue or humpback whales.

2. How long do they live for?

It depends. Since there are many species of whales, we must acknowledge that they have different attributes. These can affect certain things about them. For instance, some whales have a longer lifespan compared to others. In other cases, other whales have been studied against us to discover that they have the same lifespan as we do. So, it’s not surprising that there are whales that can live up until they are 85 years old.

3. How do whales talk?

Since we now know that whales can sing, it should follow logically that they can communicate effectively somehow. Whales are categorized into two suborders. We can either find baleen or toothed ones. This already highlights that they’re different from each other. These differences are also observed in the way that they talk to each other. Yet, the most common way for them to talk is through echolocation. This means that they use sonar-like abilities to find each other. And to alert each other of any potential dangers out there. 

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