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How to Draw a Dolphin in 9 Easy Steps

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Dolphins are found all across the world and they are known for their friendliness towards humans. They are also found to be extremely intelligent, too! Scientists’ research says that they are capable of complex problem-solving, empathy, grief, joy, and social interaction.No wonder this animal was my first favorite animal when I was a kid. 

Starting out a child’s journey to art with this adorable creature is definitely a good choice! Follow the easy steps below on how to draw a dolphin. 

But before that, if you love adding colors to Dolphin illustrations, simply click here!

Step 1: Draw the Body

Let’s start by drawing an oblong slightly at the right portion of the center of the paper. This oblong will become the body of our dolphin. Fun fact, the dolphin’s body has very delicate and smooth skin. But they have fast healing attributes that can heal even deep wounds within a short period of time.

Step 2: Extend the Body

Draw a curved triangle with a blunt tip out of the left side of the oblong to form the back part of the body of the dolphin. Make sure you curve the triangle downward to prepare for the addition of the tail. Did you know that dolphins have two stomachs? The first one is used for food storage and the second one for digestion.  

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Step 3: Draw the Tail and Eyes

On the upper right corner of the dolphin’s body, draw a small circle. This will be the eye of the dolphin. Inside the circle, draw and shade a smaller circle. Then, erase a small circular part of the inner circle. This will create a cute eye for our dolphin! To create the tail, draw two leaf-like shapes at the upper part and lower part of the curved triangle we’ve previously drawn. 

Step 4: Draw the Mouth

Now let’s make the mouth. We do this by drawing two shapes that look like a steep mountain at the leftmost side of the body. Make sure that the upper shape is bigger and longer than the lower one. This gives dolphins the cute and friendly appearance we often see in pictures.

Step 5: Draw the Dorsal Fin

We can easily spot the dolphins in the ocean with the help of their dorsal fins. But did you also know that the dorsal fin is useful for the dolphin’s balance and speed? This is a very useful body part so let’s draw it carefully. We do this by drawing a curved triangular shape at the back of the dolphin. Make sure that as you reach the tip of the triangle you curve the line inwards as you reach the base. 

Step 6: Add the Flippers

The flippers help the dolphins balance as they swim left or right. We draw this part by drawing another curved triangular shape but this time at the bottom of the body of the dolphin. Make sure to draw this part a little bit smaller than the dorsal fin. Remember to curve it towards the tail of the dolphin.

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Step 7: Erase the Extra Lines

Let’s clean up our drawing by erasing the lines we made when we created the mouth. Let’s also do the same with the lines that separate the body of the dolphin with its dorsal fin and the flipper. You can also make the dolphin’s mouth, fin, and flipper pointier.

Step 8: Add more Details

If you look at dolphin pictures, you’ll see that their belly is lighter than the rest of their body. Let’s do just that on our own drawing. Starting at the root of the dolphin’s tail, draw a curved line all the way through the dolphin’s chin.

Step 9: Finishing up!

Now you’re finally done! To finish up you can color the body of your dolphin blue and sky blue for the belly. That was easy, right?

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