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Free DOLPHIN Coloring Pages Your Kids Will Love (Download (Printable PDFs)

While dolphins are typically grey and some white, you can definitely add color and create colorful dolphins with your dolphin coloring efforts. Many of our dolphin illustrations have elaborate backgrounds and scenes that you can have fun adding all kinds of color to.

Welcome to our collection of free DOLPHIN coloring pages. Click the dolphin pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every dolphin coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

And if you want to learn how to do these lovely Dolphins, simply click here!

Three dolphins playing and jumping out of the water with a crab and an octopus.


A beautiful dolphin jumping out of the water with a big flowery sun in the background.


A big dolphin with flower designs all over its body jumping out of the water.


A beautiful dolphin with intricate designs all over its body.


A lovely dolphin swimming under the ocean with beautiful sea plants in the background.


An illustration of a dolphin gracefully jumping out of the water.


Mama dolphin and baby dolphin swimming with sea weeds and starfishes in the background.


An illustration of a dolphin swimming around sea flowers.


Two dolphins jumping with intricate design jumping over sea flowers.


Mama dolphin and baby dolphin swimming happily at the bottom of the ocean.


A lovely dolphin with an ocean wave design in the background.


An illustration of a lovely dolphin with intricate designs all over its body.


Illustration of dolphins swimming happily under the sea with the fishes.


Big octopus with round eyes swimming with different sea creatures.


Dolphin and a hammerhead shark swimming with each other.


Illustration of a dolphin swimming with a deep sea creature near a treasure box.


Illustration of a dolphin with a horn and another dolphin swimming on top of each other.


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Dolphin Coloring Pages Background Details

Nothing is more relaxing and calming than sitting on the beach and spotting a school of dolphins jumping out of the water then swimming, all in sync with each other. We have even provided you with at least one free printable of our ocean animals on our ocean coloring page that is of, you guessed it, dolphins jumping out of the water. Our dolphin coloring pages are great for all of ages, so whether you are a young kid, your child or children are considered older kids, or you are one of the grown ups, at least one dolphin coloring sheet in our collection of printable dolphin coloring pages is sure to catch your eye.

There is probably a lot we do not know about dolphins but there is much we do know about these amazing fish that are cousins to the great whales. Dolphins can be found in any deep saltwater throughout the world, including the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and even the Mediterranean Sea.

There are about forty types of species when it comes to dolphins and some of those can survive in freshwater or saltwater, but not all. Most need their saltwater environment. The smallest dolphin measures about three feet in length while the largest can be up to thirty feet long.

Baby dolphins do not simply learn how to swim then leave their mothers like birds do. They actually enjoy hanging out with their mothers for quite a long time before leaving the pack. Some even stay for three to eight years or more!

With one used for storage and the other for digesting the food they eat, dolphins boast two stomachs instead of just one like the rest of us.

Known for their amazing diving skills, dolphins can actually dive up to one thousand feet at a time and, even though their average lifespan is about seventeen years, some of these amazing creatures make it nearly 50 years.

Dolphins seem to know the true meaning of teamwork makes the dream work. This is evidenced in the fact that if one of the members of their group, which is also known as a pod, becomes sick, injured, or is elderly, they help those members. They truly seem to care about each other more than most humans do when it comes to their fellow humans.

Not only are dolphins some of the most caring and friendliest mammals on the planet, but these beautiful creatures are among the most intelligent ones too. Scientists and researchers who have compared the ratio of the dolphin’s brain to the size of their body have determined that this sea animal takes second place when it comes to intelligence with first place going to human beings.

Dolphins are sort of like hogs when it comes to the way they eat consume their food. These sea creatures actually swallow their food whole instead of chewing it first and only use their teeth when they are catching the ocean life they are going to eat.

The whale is like the wild animal creature of the dolphin family. It is the largest of all of the dolphins and may be a favorite animal of your preschooler but can actually be dangerous at times since they are not the gentlest of the marine mammal species. They are kind of like the gorilla in the middle of the sweet monkey section at the zoo.

A fun fact is that a dolphin couple can actually communicate with each other by their whistles and even give names to each other.

From the baby dolphin to the starfish and sea lions, our dolphins coloring pages are unique and will keep you and your children busy for hours.

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