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Free STARFISH Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Do you know starfish have vibrant colored bodies? These make these sea creatures a favorite piece of drawing for animals coloring pages and coloring books for kids to learn and practice coloring. Here is some insight peace of information about this sea creatures that will interest you that will make you even love and have fan going into starfish coloring pages to color them.

Welcome to our collection of free STARFISH coloring pages. Click the Starfish pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Starfish coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Illustration of a beautiful group of starfish gliding to the seafloor.


Starfishes with different designs gliding over seagrass.


Group of starfish with different designs swimming with a jelly fish and a crab.


Illustration of a shell with a pearl surrounded by starfish.


Large shell with a dazzling pearl inside surrounded by a group of starfish.


Illustration of a group of starfish with other sea creatures.


A group of starfish gliding freely with a group of shells.


Starfishes with different designs swimming with a jelly fish.


Illustration of a group of starfish resting and swimming with an octopus.


Illustration of four starfish with four different patterns.


Illustration of a starfish waking up hi friend starfish.


A large starfish with patterns swimming with three fishes.


Illustration of a cute starfish with an adorable smile.


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Starfish or sea stars are beautiful marine creatures found in various vibrant colors, sizes, and shapes. All species of starfish resemble stars. As much as they have standard five arms, some of these ocean animals can grow up to forty arms. 

Interesting facts about sea stars that might interest you

Sea stars are not fish.
We all know that these sea creatures live underwater, and they are called “starfish”. However, they are not actually fish. They do not have scales, fins, or gills like current fish. Additionally, they move quite differently from the fish. While fish use their tails to propel themselves in the water, starfish, on the other hand, use their tiny tube feet to help them navigate in water. This is why scientists prefer to call them sea stars instead of starfish.

Sea Stars are Echinoderms
Sea stars fall under the category of Phylum Echinodermata. This means that they are closely related to sea urchins, sea lilies and sand dollars. Overall, the category of phylum has close to 7,000 different species. You can practice using different colors because these animals come in a different color.

Why coloring is Important for Preschoolers, kindergarten and nursery Pupils
So when your kid comes across a picture of a starfish or any other drawing, they are important in schoolwork for supporting the development of their academic atmosphere for so many reasons. Such as:
Helps Develop their Hand Strength

The most important reason for coloring for children under this schooling category is that it helps develop their hand strength. As an adult, you have been typing, doing fine motor skills, and writing for decades, which means you can take your hand strength for granted. On the other hand, toddlers and preschoolers are just in the process of beginning to build their muscles. Therefore, coloring helps them to exercise their hand muscles.
Stimulates Creativity

When a child is allowed to practice coloring, it helps stimulate the creative center within their mind. Colors, interpretations and shapes, and fictional stories become present in a child’s mind when coloring. Even if the child draws the same picture repeatedly, the creative center within the brain will be engaged and process colors and shapes.
How to help a kid color within the line of a sea star drawing

Learning to color within the lines will help develop a kid’s motor skills. Therefore, it is important to guide them from time to time as they will be messing up their drawing from time to time. Coloring within the line improves their fine motor skills as these activities require significant hand strength and eye-hand coordination. Additionally, it will enhance the kids writing skills.

You can visit a free printable coloring page to practice coloring and print your artwork of these beautiful sea animals. The experience will be a fan and will offer the kids great art skill knowledge for all categories from preschoolers, kindergarten, and nursery.

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