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Free CRAB Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

From the hermit crab, king crab, and stone crab to the porcelain crab, blue crab, and horseshoe crabs, these amazing sea creatures live in all the world’s oceans and seas. They are considered to be decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura and sport a short tail that projects outward but is normally hidden under their thorax. Crabs have claws, known as chelae, and are normally a smaller creature, although there are some that are ten-footed crustaceans. You can not only find them as part of ocean life, but may see some on a sea beach or even in fresh waters like lakes and ponds, depending on their type and the climate they are used to since this species normally like tropical areas.

Welcome to our collection of free CRAB coloring pages. Click the crab pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every crab coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

And if you want to learn how to draw these love crustaceans, simply click here!

A strong looking crab having different patterns all over its body with a plant design in the background.


An illustration of a big crab with different types of designs all over its body.


A spotted crab walking happily in the ocean floor with corals around it.


An illustration of a treasure chest with two small crabs above and beside it.


A happy crab and a frog jumping in the water with a boat in the background.


A happy crab walking in the seashore with a swimming whale in the background.


An illustration of a beautifully designed crab with different sea shells in the background.


An illustration of a beautifully designed crab with patterns all over its body.


A cartoon drawing of four happy crabs swimming under the sea.


Big octopus with round eyes swimming with different sea creatures.


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Overview of Our Crab Coloring Pages

If your child likes crabs or you want them to learn more about ocean life by creating artwork with an ocean theme, our free printable crab coloring pages are sure to be a hit with your family.

You can print out each coloring page from your computer, tablet, or another device so you and your child can use colored pencil, crayons, markers, or even paints to create amazing crab pictures to hang on the wall, to use as a worksheet, or to use on a sight word card, or to frame and put on your desk or coffee table. Your kid will have fun creating amazing art featuring these sea animals with these crab coloring sheets and if you are a preschool or kindergarten teacher, you can incorporate these free printable coloring pages into your lesson plan since little ones will enjoy them also. Crabs are an ocean animal that will hold the attention of even a preschooler for hours as they create several pictures that can be used to make a coloring book.

From coloring sheets that feature a mama crab and baby crab playing with the starfishes and one that boasts two beautiful crabs walking along the seashore to a beautiful picture of a large crab with an intricate design and an illustration of a strong looking crab having different patterns all over its body with a plant design in the background, your younger children and older kids will love these coloring sheets.

Your kids will love coloring pictures of a big octopus with round eyes swimming with different sea creatures, cute little crabs crawling on sand, or even an illustration of a large crab with an intricate design. Each printable worksheet is designed to foster the imagination of children and adults alike and can also boost their creativity. Each crab coloring page that your child works with will also help him or her increase their hand-eye coordination and fine small motor skills as they work to create beautiful pictures that feature this amazing sea creature. You can help them to decide which printable coloring sheets to use or let them come up with an idea on their own. You can even incorporate the alphabet into this learning experience for them.

Some of these free printable crab coloring pages feature other sea creatures in them, including fish, a sea turtle, and a jellyfish if kids look closely enough at the hidden picture in the design. Their imaginations will run wild while they create amazing crab coloring pages that they can be proud of and show off to all of their family members and friends for years to come while boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence in their ability to create. Print out these amazing crab coloring pages as many times as you would like and have a fun activity to do with your children.

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