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How to Draw a Crab in 9 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a crab.

Crabs are sea creatures you can pretty much see in shallow coastal waters all over the world! They like to dig holes in the sand so that they can burrow and hide. They have a strong external skeleton we commonly call the “shell”. They differ in size, shape, color, and even in the way they walk. This makes crabs so interesting! 

Enough about the fun facts, let’s start drawing your very own crab today. 

But before that, you can also add colors to crab illustrations by simply clicking here!

Remove extra lines on the crab.


  • Pencil
  • Paper


Step 1: Draw the Body

Draw the head and the eye.

We start by drawing an oblong in the middle of the page. This will be the body of the crab. On top of its body, draw two small circles. Make sure it overlaps a bit on the body so that it looks like the eyes are attached to it properly. These small circles will become the crab’s eyes. 

Step 2: Draw the Eyes and Mouth

Draw the eyes and the mouth.

Inside the small circles that we’ve drawn earlier, draw two smaller circles and shade them black with your pencil. After that, erase the lower-left shading so that it will create an image of cute crab eyes. Then draw a half-circle inside the body of the crab below the eyes. This will then be our crab’s mouth.

Step 3: Draw the Claw

Draw the claw guide of the crab.

To make the claw, we draw two oblongs on each side of the eyes of the crab. Make sure you draw it above the body because crabs usually raise their claws this way.

Step 4: Add the Arm

Draw the arm of the crab.

Now we connect the claws we’ve drawn earlier to the crab’s body. We do this by drawing two straight parallel lines on each of the claws. Make sure you do not draw it too thick or too thin. Keep in mind that the crab’s claws are the largest arm of a crab. 

Step 5: Draw the Clippers

Draw the arm of the crab.

To make the crab’s clippers, we draw a small inverted triangle from the center of the oblong towards the edge. Then erase the edges to form a wedge within the oblong. This will now become the final look of our crab’s claws.

Step 6: Add the Legs

Draw the other flippers and legs.

We add the crab’s first leg by drawing two pointy cylinders out of each side of the body. This leg is the longest one, so make sure you draw it longer than the rest of the legs.

Step 7: Add more Legs

Add more legs of the crab.

A crab has a lot of legs. So, let’s draw another one just below the longest leg. We do this by starting off at the body extending outwards and back to the body.

Step 8: Draw the Segmented Legs.

Draw the segments of the legs.

The legs of a crab are segmented, so they can fold them as they walk. Let’s draw the last leg by starting at the bottom of the body. We draw outwards and then we fold the leg angling it inwards the body.

Step 9: Finishing up!

Remove extra lines on the crab.

If you want to, you can finish up by erasing the lines on the part where the legs are attached. You can also color your crab as you like. Some crabs are red, orange, brown, blue, or even white! And, that is it! You’ve finished drawing a crab.

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