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How to Draw a Starfish in 9 Simple Steps

Easy steps in drawing a starfish.

Starfishes, also known as sea stars, are beautifully shaped aquatic organisms that come in a range of hues, forms, and sizes. All starfish are shaped like stars, and while the most common have only five limbs, some can have up to 40. These remarkable marine creatures, which are members of the echinoderm family, travel using their tube feet.

With their unique guts, they can restore severed limbs and consume huge prey. Also, starfish or sea stars have bony, calcified skin which protects them from many kinds of predators.

Do you want to create your starfish or a sea star? Well, this tutorial will help you to achieve your very own starfish. All you must do is follow the steps below. Have fun!

Easy steps in drawing a starfish.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Ring Canal

Drawing a circle for the body of the starfish.

It is easier for you to draw the starfish. Let’s start drawing a circle. This circle will be your guide to draw the following parts of the starfish or the sea star. Now draw a medium-size circle in the middle of your paper.

Step 2: Draw the Body

Draw the Body of the star fish.

After drawing the medium size of a circle in your paper. Next is to draw another big circle around the medium circle that you made earlier.  You can use an object that is bigger than the circle that you made earlier.

Step 3: Draw the Arms

Draw the arms of the starfish.

Our drawing in the second step looks like a planet that has a ring. To draw each arm, you can use a line with a curve point, as if you are drawing a triangle without a base. Start drawing the line from the small circle and going up to the big circle. Once you have drawn those lines, you can then connect each arm as shown in the picture. Just keep on drawing the arm until you draw five arms.

Step 4: Remove the Extra Lines

Remove extra lines outside the starfish.

Now that we are done with our arms let’s remove the extra lines in your drawing. Erase the curved lines that connect to the tip of the arms of the starfish. Be careful on erasing those lines you might erase the arms of the starfish.

Step 5: Connect The Arms

Connect the arms of the starfish.

This time let’s check the arms of the starfish. Most of the arms are not connected to the other arms. Let’s try connecting those arms by drawing a curve and connecting one arm to another arm. Do it the same with the others.

Step 6: Draw the Mouth and the Eyes

Drawing the fish face of the starfish.

In our image reference, we add eyes and a smiley face in the starfish to give it some character. In the circle draw two small circles in the middle part of it. Then, inside that small circle, draw a two-shaded smaller circle this is the eyeballs of the eyes. For the mouth, draw a half oval under the eyes.

Step 7: Remove Extra Lines

Remove the inner detail of the starfish.

After drawing the eyes and mouth of our starfish, Let’s remove some extra lines in our drawing. Erase the medium size circle that you have drawn in the first step of this article. Again, always remember to erase the extra line in our drawing to see the improvement of our drawing.

Step 8: Add More Details

Add more detail to the starfish.

After removing that extra line, Let’s add some details to our starfish by adding small circles in the body and the five arms of our starfish. You can follow the picture given in this article for you to be guided on where to put the small circles in the body.

Step 9: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing a starfish.

In our reference image, we use orange color in the starfish, but this is a step where you can take over and let your creativity flow. A starfish can be seen in a wide range of colors, so this is an artwork where you can use any of your preferred colors to create a beautiful image. Congratulations on your beautiful image.

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