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How to Draw a Turtle (3 Drawing Tutorials)

Turtles can be found in many different climates and are classified as either aquatic, semi-aquatic, or semi-terrestrial. But no matter where they live, all turtles need water for either swimming or soaking. Some also need to “bask” on dry land. The amount of each need depends on the specific species. Turtles are some of the oldest animals around. They are one of the oldest groups of reptiles. A turtle’s shell is not an exoskeleton. Exoskeleton means a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals, especially arthropods, providing both support and protection.

A. How to Draw a Turtle in 12 Easy Steps (Version 1)

Let’s start drawing the turtle on the right side first!

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Step 1: Draw the Head and Body

Be excited as we draw your favorite pet animal, Turtle. To begin with, the head of a turtle, draw a small circle shape at the upper right part of the article. Then draw a big oval shape overlapping to the small circle. Make sure to overlap the oval shape to connect the body and the head of the turtle.

Step 2: Draw a Curve Line Inside the Body

After drawing the body and the head. Draw an up-curve line in the lower portion of the body. You should draw an up-curve line connected from the left side to the right side. This will be the preparation for the shell of the turtle.

Step 3: Erase Extra Lines.

Now that you have already formed the shell of a turtle with the help of the up-curve line inside the oval shape or the body. To visualize the shell clearer, remove an extra line from the lower part of that up-curve line in the middle.

Step 4: Start the Nose

This time let’s draw one of the important parts of a living creature, the nose. Without the nose, the turtle will not live longer. From the left side of the circle draw a small spikey thing for the nose.

Step 5: Start the Eyes

To see beautiful creations, we must give importance to our eyes. Let’s help the turtle see the beautiful creation by drawing the eyes. Make a smaller circle near the center of the head. Fun fact, did you know that the turtle’s eyesight is clear underwater but is shortsighted at night? Now you know!

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Step 6: Complete the Face

To complete the face, add a shaded crescent moon shape that serves as the pupil of the eye. After that, create a mouth using the curve line. Draw a curved line from the right side of the circle, going to the middle part of the head.

Step 7: Start Drawing the Legs

To help them go to their destination,  let’s draw the leg of the turtle. Draw two vertical lines and to connect those lines draw a horizontal line below. Same with the other side.

Step 8: Add Details

To add some details, put an up-curve line below the shell to make it thicker. On the upper inside part of the shell, make a curve line going up. For the legs, add an up-curve line to it.

Step 9: Draw the Tail and Add More Details

The next step, draw a small spikey thing for the tail of the turtle. To be clearer add more curve lines below the shell you draw earlier. Then draw a curve line from the head going down to the leg of a turtle. In the shell make irregular and uneven circular shape of the shell.

Step 10: Complete the Legs

To complete the legs, remove the line from the upper curve line to the leg of your turtle. Make another two legs to the other side. By making a curve line from the body going down same with another leg. Add some bigger irregular and uneven circular shapes of the shell.

Step 11: Complete the Details

Double lines of those irregular and uneven circular shapes of the shell. Then add some curve lines at the tip of the legs of the turtle.

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Step 12: Finish Up

For the final touch, To make our drawing fun and colorful, prepare your coloring materials. Let us color your turtle accordingly. Color the shell brown and green for the body. Make sure to color the turtle properly. Make it as beautiful and handsome as you. Great Job!

B. How to Draw a Turtle in 9 Easy Steps (Version 2)

Now let’s draw a cuter version of a turtle. Don’t worry this version is also easy to draw. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be done in no time!

Step 1: Draw the Body

Let’s start your turtle by drawing the body. In this step, simply draw a horizontal oval shape in the middle of your paper. This will serve as a guide for the body of the turtle. You can use an object or a drawing material to make your oval shape perfect. 

Step 2: Add a Line on the Body

As we can see an oval shape is not look like a body shape of a turtle. Adding lines to our oval shape will help us make the exact shape of a turtle. Let’s get started by drawing a curve line from the right going to the left side of the oval shape. Be sure to draw the curve line properly to have the perfect body for your turtle.

Step 3: Start the Head

This time let’s make one of the most important parts of our turtle, the head. To do this, draw a perfect small circle on the upper, right part of the body. Make sure that the body and the head are connected.

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Step 4: Draw the Neck

We will draw the neck of your turtle, this will connect the body to the head. We will just simply draw a curved line from the lower portion of the head going down to the edge of the body of your turtle. Again, all parts must be connected.

Step 5: Add the Mouth, Eyes, and the Tail

To draw the eyes, draw a small circle inside the head. The right eyes should overlap with the head of the turtle. Then add a shaded crescent shape in the two small circles to make the eyes look alive. For the mouth, just draw a curve line facing upward or a smiley face. Erase some extra lines that separate the head from the neck. Add a spiky thing in the lower-left part of the body that will serve as the tail. 

Step 6: Add the Legs

Let’s begin drawing the legs of the turtle. Draw a small half oval shape under the body of your turtle. Make sure that these two-half oval shapes must be connected to the lower portion of your turtle. In between the legs of your turtle draw a curve line. From the left leg go to the right leg. 

Step 7: Add Details in the Shell

Let’s make your turtle more attractive by adding more curve lines in the shell. Add three curve lines in the shell. Make sure that the distance will be one inch apart. Draw a triangular shape on the top of the head. That will serve as the hot of your cute turtle.

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Step 8: Add More Details

Now that we are done putting curve lines to the shell,  let’s add more details to it. In between the curve lines that you make earlier from the shell, draw seven small circles. The distance must be half-inch apart.  Then, put a flower on the right side of the hot. 

Step 9: Finish up!

Now it’s time to finish your drawing. You can now unleash your creativity and color it to your own preference. Since your turtle is a girl, then you can add light colors. You have all the freedom to apply any color that you like.
After completing your drawing, don’t forget to show it to your family and friends. Good Job!

C. How to Draw a Turtle in 7 Easy Steps (Version 3)

Perhaps you saw a turtle while fishing at a pond, visiting the countryside, or on a visit to the zoo. Seeing this nifty reptile up close in person may have sparked an interest in the subject. You can learn to draw a turtle using this lesson and then color it with colored pencils or oil pastel sticks. If you only think of Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles when you think of turtles, the diversity in the turtle species will surprise you.

The intrepid turtle proves one of the easiest animals to draw since it only requires straight lines, curved lines, circles, and squares to draw. You can easily draw a turtle by following the instructions in this drawing lesson. You need a pencil and paper.

Step 1: Draw The Eyes

Close to the middle of the page, about two inches from the left edge of the sheet, draw a small circle for your turtle’s eye. You’re drawing him in profile, so only one will show. Draw another small circle around the tiny circle.

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Step 2: Draw The Head

Draw an oval around his eye, centering the eye inside it. Draw a curved line from the lower-left edge of the oval to just beneath the right edge of the eye. Edit your lower right edge of the oval to curve it upward and erase its closing point. Draw a straight line to re-close it. That’s his head.

Step 3: Add the Turtle’s Shell

From about a quarter of an inch from the closed point of the oval, draw a straight line of about one and a half inches in length, angled downward. From its right endpoint draw another straight line about two inches long. Draw a third straight line angled upward this time, about an inch and a quarter in length. About a quarter of an inch above those connected lines, draw a second set of the same lines parallel. Close this space by drawing a curved line from one endpoint to the other. You’ve made the outline of his shell. He has protection now.

Step 4: Draw the Turtle’s Front Legs and Feet

From the lower point of the turtle’s head, draw a curved line about half an inch in length. From about half an inch to the right of the left edge of his head, draw a slightly curved quarter-inch line down. Draw a C/L-shaped line from the end of that line. Draw two tiny curved C-shapes over the bottom outer point and erase the meeting point of the two lines.

He has a leg and a foot! Move to the front line of his shell. About a half an inch from the bottom edge, draw a curved line downward that’s about two inches long. From the outer edge of the shell draw a nearly straight line about two inches long. Connect them with a curved line. Draw three tiny curly-Q C-shapes for toes. During this process, you also formed his neck.

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Step 5: Draw the Turtle’s Hind Legs and Feet

Beneath the rightmost edge of his underbelly, about a quarter of an inch from its edge, draw a C-shaped line. From the line that comprises the right edge of his underbelly, draw a curved line about half an inch in length. From about a quarter an inch from the edge of his shell on the right side, draw a curved line about two inches in length. Close these two points with a curved line. Draw three C-shaped curly Qs to make his toes.

Step 6: Add Turtle Shell Patterns

Draw a semi-circle on his shell, then create six straight lines on it.

Step 7: Complete the Drawing!

From each of the endpoints of the six-sided shape draw a straight line to the three straight lines that form the outline of the shell. Erase any of the very light, overlapping lines to clean up your drawing. Remember the overlapping edges of that triangle and oval early on in the drawing? You need to erase that and blend your lines.


You’re ready to color in and shade your turtle! You can pick any colors you want, but to boost the learning power of your art, look at a book or the Internet to find what colors a turtle typically is. That is the type of turtle you just drew, and it comes in a few varieties, so your colors will differ depending on which turtle you choose.

Explore the rest of this site to learn how to draw many other objects and animals. With practice, you can draw anything. As you develop your skills, you can move from the instructions and drawings for children to those for youth and adults. Sharpen your pencils, grab some drawing paper, and get started.

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