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How to Draw a Crayfish in 11 Simple Steps

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Today, let’s explore an interesting sea creature called, the Crayfish! A Crayfish is a nocturnal freshwater crustacean that looks like a little lobster and lives in rivers and streams. Did you know that crayfish will consume their old skeleton to regain the calcium and phosphates in contains? Crayfish shed their exoskeletons as they grow larger so that they can create a new one. They peel six to 10 times in their first year of life. Also, Crayfishes do not walk backward; they simply swim backward. They use their abdominal movements to achieve this reverse motion when swimming.

If you are starting to love this sea creature. Get your art materials and let’s get started with your crayfish. You will be amazed by your output later after following these simple steps of making a crayfish.

Step 1: Draw the Body

Start your crayfish by drawing one of the most important parts, the body. In this step, draw the vertical oblong shape in the middle of your paper. This looks like an egg of a crocodile. If you have seen the egg of a crocodile, then that will serve as your guide or you can draw an elongated oval shape if you are not familiar with the egg.   

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Step 2: Draw the Abdomen

After the body, let’s work on the abdomen part of the crayfish. In the lower part of the body of the crayfish, draw a little curved U-shape. It should be smaller than the body. That will be the abdomen. The abdomen must be connected to the lower portion of the body.

Step 3: Draw the Head and the Tail

We are done with the body and the abdomen part of the crayfish, let’s proceed to the head and its tail. To begin with, a small horizontal oval shape overlaps on the upper part of the body of our crayfish. Try to balance the small oval shape to the body of the crayfish. In the lower part of the abdomen draw two pointed leaves that go together but the pointed part will face on the right side and the other on the left side. Make sure to connect these two leaves in the lower part of the abdomen.

Step 4: Draw the Eyes

This time let’s help the crayfish to see its surrounding by drawing the eyes. On the upper part of the head, side by side, add two smaller circles overlapping the edge of the head. Then, inside the two smaller circles, draw a shaded crescent shape and that will be the eyeballs of the crayfish.

Step 5: Draw the Antennae

The eyes of the crayfish look perfect, let’s continue by drawing the antennae or the mustaches of our crayfish. On the upper, middle part of the two eyes of the crayfish, draw V-shape from the middle part of the two eyes then drag it going up. The antennae must be 1 inch longer. Then double your V-shape to make it thicker.

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Step 6: Add the Base for the Claw

For the first base of our claw, draw a curved diagonal U-shape on both sides of the upper part of the body. Then, from the edges of the U-shapes you’ve drawn earlier, add two diagonal elongated oval shapes on both sides. Make sure that the two elongated oval shapes are connected to the first base that you’ve drawn earlier.  

Step 7: Add Lines on the Claw

To make our claw more realistic, add curved lines inside the two diagonal elongated oval shapes that you’ve drawn earlier. Draw a curved line inside, on the right side of the left diagonal elongated oval shape and another curve line inside, on the left side of the right diagonal elongated oval shape.

Step 8: Remove the Extra Lines

After putting the curve line inside each two diagonal elongated oval shapes, Remove the extra line on the claw part of the crayfish. Erase the two curve lines that connect to the curve lines that you’ve drawn earlier inside the diagonal oval shape. 

Step 9: Complete the Claws

As we look at our claws something is missing from it. Now let’s add some shape to complete our claws. Draw a curve sharp on the left side and right side of your claw that you’ve to erase earlier. Add some small curve lines on the lower part of the base of our claw. 

Step 10: Draw the Legs

Now that the claws are completed, let’s proceed to the legs of our crayfish. As we can see in the image there are 3 legs on each side. Now, draw a leg by using a thin stick. Using a thin stick will help us to maintain the size of the legs. In the back part, draw two curved lines for the segment of the crayfish.

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Step 11: Finish up!

So that is the end of our crayfish drawing lesson. Let’s finish this up by coloring our crayfish. The color of our crayfish is green since this is your output. I’ll give you the freedom to choose your color. You can use the color red to make it more real. Enjoy!

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