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How to Draw a Butterfly (2 Drawing Tutorials)

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Have you seen a butterfly? If you were to describe a butterfly, how would describe it? Yes, the butterfly is one of the most attractive insects. That’s why most kids or people love butterflies because of their beautiful color, and pattern wings. 

Butterflies are a family of insects, known as “Lepidoptera”. They usually fly in bright sunshine. They need heat to be able to move. So, if you see butterflies resting in the sun, don’t touch them because they are warming up their wings so they can fly high. Also, butterflies can see colors. This is useful for them when finding flowers. In tasting their food, they use their front feet. The majority of the butterflies eat the nectar inside the flowers. Temperature matters for the butterfly; they cannot fly if their body temperature reduces by 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you love butterflies? Then, this simple step-by-step tutorial will help you have your butterfly. Just follow the step-by-step below. So, what are you waiting for get a piece of paper, pencil, eraser, and coloring materials and let’s get started!

A. How to draw a butterfly (version 1)

Step 1: Draw The Head

Start your butterfly by drawing the head. For the head, draw a small circle enough to become a foundation for the entire head. Because you know, butterflies are majestic insects. That is why you need to draw perfect foundations to achieve a more refined drawing later.

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Step 2: Draw the Guide for the Eyes

On the upper part of the head, side by side, add two smaller circles that will serve as the eyes. You should draw these smaller circles on the upper part overlapping the edge of the head you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

Complete the skunk’s eye by drawing a shaded crescent moon shape that serves as the pupil of the eye. Remove extra lines to have a more proportioned head. This will also enable your drawing to have a balance between the eyes and the entirety of the head.

Step 4: Draw the Eyes and the Mouth

Add details to the eyes by drawing a crescent moon shape. After that, create a smiley face as our butterfly’s mouth.

Step 5: Draw the Body

The next thing that you need to do is to draw the body. We do this by drawing another circle below the Next, let’s draw the body of your butterfly. Butterflies have generally smaller bodies. That is why you should simply do this by drawing a U shape directly under the head. The shape should be attached on the left side of the head, all the way to the right side.

Step 6: Add the Abdomen

Add an ice cream cone shape to the lower portion of the body. This ice cream cone shape will then serve as the abdomen of your butterfly. Because yes, butterflies only have a head, body, and abdomen. Fun fact, they don’t have a neck.

Step 7: Draw the Wings

Next, Build on the wings. Draw a flower petal-like shape on the left side of your butterfly. After that, draw another one on the right side. Make sure both shapes are of the same size to have a more balanced wing.

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Step 8: Add Another Layer to the Wings

Continue putting on smaller versions of wings just underneath the bigger ones. By doing this, you then will have a more majestic-looking butterfly. That’s how important wings are! Like angels, your butterfly drawing will have its own charm.

Step 9: Remove Extra Lines

Remove those lines on the lower part of the wings. This will allow you to show the beauty of your butterfly drawing even though you are not done yet.

Step 10: Draw the Legs

Next, Form three short legs on the left part of the butterfly’s body. After that, draw another three legs on the right side.

Step 11: Add the Hands

Add on tiny circles on each of the legs we’ve created. These tiny circles will serve as the hands and feet of your butterfly.

Step 12: Add details to the Wings

Create a more detailed design for its wings by adding teeny weeny circles on each side of the wings. Enhance it a little for a more quirky output.

Step 13: Finish up!

The best part of this tutorial is the coloring task. We can be as colorful as we wanted it to be since butterflies are all unique creatures. We are now done with our art! Good job and congratulations little ones!

B. How to draw a butterfly (version 2)

Here’s our second butterfly drawing tutorial.

How to draw a butterfly

Butterflies come in different shapes and sizes. This is exactly why we made another Butterfly Tutorial just for you! This next tutorial shows you a more elegant Butterfly design. If you’re interested, grab your pen, paper, and other coloring materials again, and let’s start.

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Step 1: Draw the Head and Thorax

The Head and Thorax are the important parts of your butterfly. So, let’s start your butterfly by drawing the head. Draw a small horizontal oval shape in the upper part of your paper. For the thorax, add a horizontal oval shape below the head. Thorax must be a little bit bigger than the head. Make sure that the head and thorax are connected.

Step 2: Draw the Eye Guide and Abdomen

On the upper part of the head, side by side, draw two perfect circles for the eye guide. See to it that the two perfect circles should overlap to the edge of the head. For the abdomen, draw a V-shape with a little curve on both sides. Connect the V-shape beneath the thorax.

Step 3: Add the Right Forewing (Upper Wings)

Let’s draw the upper right wing of your butterfly. Draw a curvy irregular rectangle shape on the right side of the thorax. Make sure to draw a perfect wing as your butterfly can fly high. Again, connect the upper wing to the right side of the thorax.

Step 4: Add the Right Hind Wing (Lower Wings)

The next step is to complete the eyes of the butterfly. Inside the eyes that you’ve drawn earlier, draw a shaded crescent moon shape. That crescent moon shape will serve as the pupil of the eyes. For the Hind wing, draw a big U-shape connected to the Forewing that you’ve drawn earlier. Make sure to balance the sizes of the right wings of your butterfly.

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Step 5: Add Antennae and the Left Forewing

We completed the right wings of your butterfly. Now, let’s work on the left wing of your butterfly. Same as the upper right wing, draw a curvy irregular rectangle shape. Make sure that the size of the upper left wing must be balanced with the upper right wing of the butterfly.  For the antennae, draw a V-shape on the middle top of the head.

Step 6: Add Details and Complete the Left Hind Wing

To complete the wings of your butterfly, let’s draw the Hind wing. Draw a U-shape and connect it to the lower part of the forewing. Again, make sure that all the sizes of both sides of your wings must be balanced. For as your butterfly can freely fly high. For the details, inside the forewings on both sides, draw a medium size of diagonal oval shape. Then from that medium diagonal shape, draw a small diagonal shape inside the medium size diagonal oval shape that you’ve drawn earlier. Do it on both sides of the forewing of the butterfly. 

Step 7: Finish up!

Now that all parts of the butterfly are done. In this step, you are free to color your butterfly to your preferences. I am pretty sure that after you color your butterfly, it will be beautiful/ handsome as you. Don’t forget to show it to your family. They will love to see your beautiful drawing. Good job little one!

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