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How to Draw a Duck in 5 Simple Steps

When you are a parent, your children sometimes don’t understand that you cannot do absolutely everything. Adults have a diverse collection of talents and skills. But to your child, they firmly believe that your vast years of experience qualify you for any task they can think of. Here is a simple drawing tutorial on drawing a duck for those who may have children who are convinced you can draw anything. With these simple steps, you can meet the challenge of drawing a duck for your ever trusting child.

This duck is akin to a rubber duck. But, by following the simple step-by-step guide, you will be able to produce a very cute duck for your kids. Then your child will be able to color and create to their heart’s content. Or, this tutorial can also be used to help beginners as a drawing lesson to practice basic shapes and line patterns. Enjoy!

Step 1: Draw the Eye

Start by drawing an imperfect circle to represent the duck’s eye. Next, draw a second small circle inside of the first. This smaller circle should be oriented in the direction you want the duck to be looking. Complete the step with a curved line above the larger circle as an eyebrow.

Step 2: Create the Head

In this step, you will be drawing the head around the eyeball. To do this, draw a sort of lightbulb shape up and around the eye; the eye should be oriented towards the left side of the head shape. Do not close the light bulb shape at the bottom, this opening will be the duck’s neck.

Step 3: Add the Beak

I picture it as drawing half of a banana or crescent moon to draw the duck’s bill. For the top part of the beak, draw a half banana shape coming out of the front of the head with the curve going upwards toward the top of the page. For the bottom of the beak, draw a smaller half banana underneath the first one, but this shape should curve down towards the bottom of the page. While the two shapes curve away from each other at the ends, they should connect closely together at the head.

Step 4: Create the Body

To draw the duck’s body, first, draw a half-circle C shape from the bottom of the neckline that curves around to create the duck’s chest. Next, continue that line from the bottom of the C that gradually goes beyond the head, curving up towards the tip of the tail. Finally, finish the main body by drawing a wavy line from the end of the tail that connects to the back of the duck’s head. The curve upwards at the tail will give the appearance of tail feathers.

Step 5: Draw the Wing

The final step is to draw the wing inside of the duck’s body. To start, draw an imperfect straight line over to the right. Then, curve this line around in a sort of fish hook shape back towards the head of the duck. With these two lines combined, you should have a wing-looking shape. Finish the wing by adding horizontal lines to represent the wing’s feathers.

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