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How to Draw a Goose in 12 Simple Steps

A large but highly social waterfowl, that’s what a goose is. This waterfowl animal usually gets along well with other livestock and fowl that are raised around it. Aside from this, every goose has leadership qualities. When the lead goose gets tired, another goose immediately takes over the position. And most importantly, a goose is a very loyal companion. They spend the rest of their lives protecting their partner and offspring. 

And right now, it’s time for you to learn how to draw this sociable, loyal, and cute waterfowl animal. Follow these easy steps to learn how to draw a goose!

Step 1: Draw the Head and the Body

Start your goose by drawing the head and the body guide. You do this by drawing two oval shapes tilted a bit to the left. The upper oval shape should be drawn smaller as this will be your head guide. And the lower oval shape should be drawn larger as this will be the body guide.

Step 2: Connect the Two Parts

In this step, we will be connecting the head and the body guide by drawing a curve line in between the two parts. Start the curve line right under the middle of the smaller oval shape. Continue the curve line on the edge and upper left part of your larger oval shape.

Step 3: Draw the Neck

Next, we will draw another curved line on the right side of the previous step. By doing this, you will be able to draw the neck of your goose and have the head and the body connected. After drawing the neck, add a single line on the edge of the body of your goose. This will serve as the guide for the tail.

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Step 4: Add the Tail

In this step, we will complete the tail with three small finger-like shapes. Just like the shape of your fingers, draw three small shapes on the tail guide until you can form the tail of your goose.

Step 5: Erase the Extra Lines

After drawing the head guide, neck, body, and tail, remove some extra and overlapping lines to emphasize the form of your goose.

Step 6: Draw the Leg and the Beak

Next, draw the beak by drawing a triangle shape on the edge and left side of the head of the goose. This triangle shape should be smaller than the head. After that, we draw a small circle inside the head shape. This shape will be the eye guide of the goose. Lastly, draw two straight lines under the body. These two straight lines should overlap the lower body part as they will serve as the leg guide of your goose.

Step 7: Add details to the Beak and Foot

We continue drawing the beak and the leg by adding a few more details. For the beak part, add another triangle shape under the previous shape you’ve drawn. But this time, make sure that the new triangle shape should be smaller than the previous one. After completing the beak, let’s now draw the foot of the goose. You can do this by simply drawing a triangle shape on the edge of your leg guide.

Step 8: Draw the Eye and Start the Wing

Next, let’s complete the eyes by drawing a shaded circle inside the eye guide that you’ve drawn earlier. This shaded circle will be the pupil of the eye and will complete the eye of your goose. After that, start drawing the wing by simply adding a slanted letter C inside the body of the goose.

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Step 9: Draw the Right Foot

In this step, let’s draw the other foot by drawing two smaller straight lines and one smaller triangle shape on the edge of the new two straight lines. Make sure that the shapes in this step are smaller than the left foot to ensure the proper form of your goose.

Step 10: Add Details to the Wing

Next, let’s add details to the wings. You can do this by drawing another finger-like shape on the edge of your wing guide. After that, remove extra lines to emphasize the left foot of your goose. Make sure to remove the extra lines to ensure the connection of the leg and the left foot.

Step 11: Complete the Wing

In this step, complete the wing by adding another finger-like shape. And remember that there should be three finger-like shapes on the edge of your wing. After that, remove the extra lines on the right foot just like what you did on the left foot earlier.

Step 12: Finish up!

Now, it’s time to finish up your goose by adding colors to the different parts of the body, foot, and beak. You can be creative and add any color that you want. After finishing all the details, show your completed goose to your family and friends, and let them know that you now can draw a goose! Congratulations!