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How to Draw a Tractor (Simple Step-by-Step Instructions)

Tractor drawing and filled in with colors.

How to Draw a Tractor

Step-by-step instructions plus video tutorial showing how to draw a tractor.
Prep Time 0 minutes
Craft Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 1 Pencil
  • Colored Pencils, Crayons and/or Felt Markers Variety of colors
  • 1 Piece Paper


  • Draw one large circle with two smaler circles inside. This is the smaller front wheel of the tractor.
  • Draw a larger circle but do so with a jagged line for the tire tread. This will form the rear, larger wheel of the tractor.
  • Draw a medium-sized circle inside the larger, rear wheel. Then draw a smaller circle inside the medium-sized circle.
  • From the 10 O'clock position on the front whell draw a small perpendicular line. Attached to that draw a triangle on its side with rounded corners. This will form the front light.
  • From the top of the light, draw an upward line slightly angled outward for almost one inche. Then right angle a line toward the rear wheel. Draw this line about 4/5ths of the way to the rear wheel and then draw a right angle downward to just below the top of the front wheel.
  • From the bottom of the vertial line between the two wheels, draw a rounded rectrangle as shown. Draw a slightly larger one below it with a small gap. These are the steps into the tractor.
  • Draw two small vertical lines connecting the two steps. From the right side of the larger, bottom step, draw a horizontal line connecting the bottom step to the large, rear wheel.
  • From the left (front) side of the top step, draw a horizontal line to the front wheel.
  • For the front bumper, draw a line extending from the bottom of the hood at a slight outward angle to half-way down the front wheel, then angle it slightly inward for one cm. Finish it with a right angle line to the front wheel.
  • Draw a series of vertical lines on the tractor body extending from the top of the front wheel to the horizontal line above.
  • For the engine exhaust, draw 3 circles to the right (in front) of the steps.
  • Draw an long horizontal rectangle on top of the current tractor body. The front of the rectangle should not extend all the way to the front.
  • From the right side of the horizontal rectangle you drew in the previous step, draw a vertical line about one centimeter. Do a right angle to the left extending almost to the front. Then a shart downard angle line.
  • Draw a vertical rectangle on top fo the body with rounded top. This will be the tractor's exhaust pipe.
  • Draw an upward line lightly angled to the right from the top step. This line angles in a series arching over the rear wheel.
  • Draw a parallel line above the line just drawn above the rear wheel.
  • Draw a horizontal line from the front of the rear wheel hup to the the front body of the tractor connecting just below the top of the body.
  • Draw the cab extending from the right side of the tractor hood upward, then a right angle to the right to almost the rear and then downward to the top of the rear wheel hub.
  • For the tractor roof, draw a thin horizontal rectangle on top of the cab. The ends should extend slightly beyond the sides.
  • For the tractor windows, draw two shapes as shown in the tractor cab section of the drawing.
  • Now you can color the tractor any color you like. Your done.
    Tractor drawing and filled in with colors.


While we colored the tractor red, orange and black, you can color it any colors you like.  
Once your child can draw this on their own, they can incorporate it into other drawings and scenes.
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