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How to Draw a Dog (2 Tutorials for Kids)

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How to Draw a Dog (2 Tutorials for Kids) 76

Dogs – the most common pet in every household and the only pet considered as man’s best friend. These fluffy creatures can easily bring joy to almost everyone around the world. And hey, you can even teach them to fetch stuff, roll over, bark, defend you, take care of the elderly, or even take care of a farm.

So, That is why today is your lucky day! Because now, you will learn how to draw man’s furry little friend – a dog. Follow the easy steps below and have fun drawing and learning about Dogs!

But before we continue, if you love adding colors to beautiful dog illustrations. Simply click here!

Dog A: Full Dog

Our full dog drawing tutorial is a video we put together. Here you go:

Dog B: Cut Dog Face

How to Draw a Dog (Version 1)

Easy steps in drawing a dog.


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw a Circle

Drawing the face guide of the dog.

We start drawing the face of the dog by drawing a circle. You can use a coin, a glass, or any circular object to serve as your guide in drawing the perfect circle. This first step will be your foundation in drawing your own dog.

Step 2: Draw the Eyes

Drawing the eye guide of the dog.

Eyes are the windows of the soul they say, and for dogs, eyes are their sources of emotions. We draw this part by drawing two equally shaped circles inside the first circle that you have drawn. And this time, the two circles should be placed on the upper part of the inner circle.

Step 3: Draw the Mouth and Nose Guide

Drawing the mouth and nose guide.

The next step that you should do is to draw an oval shape drawn horizontally. This oval shape should reach both edges of your dog’s eyes.

Step 4: Draw the Nose

Drawing the nose of the dog.

We draw the nose by drawing a flipped Kisses chocolate shape. Place the shape in the middle and on top of your oval shape guide. Be sure to place this shape in the center of the previous shape to make sure that the face of your dog is proportional.

Step 5: Draw the Mouth and Ear Guide

Draw the mouth and the ear guide.

In this step, you should draw the mouth first by drawing a triangle shape opposite from the previous step you’ve drawn. After doing this one, we continue drawing the ear guide by drawing two curved lines on top of the eyes. These curve lines should be slanted and opposite from each other.

Step 6: Continue Drawing the Ear

Draw the ear detail.

In this step, we continue drawing the ear by completing the ear guide curved lines that you’ve drawn earlier. You can do this by adding curve lines until you’ve drawn slanted tongue-like shapes.

Step 7: Clear the Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the ears.

For this one, we clear the extra and overlapping lines so that the shape of the ears of your dog will be emphasized. After doing that one, draw the tongue of your dog under the triangle shape you’ve drawn earlier. This will be the tongue sticking out from the mouth of your dog.

Step 8: Complete the Eyes and Details

Easy steps in drawing a dog.

In this step, we will complete the eyes of your dog by drawing crescent shapes inside the eyes of your dog. After drawing the crescent shapes, shade them with black to emphasize the eyes. After that, add a line inside and in the middle of the tongue and ears of your dog.

For the final step, you can add any color that you like to bring life to the dog that you’ve drawn. You can add the color brown to the face, just like in our sample, to mimic the most common dog color. And that’s it, you now have completed your dog drawing! Show it to your family or post it to your social media accounts to let everyone know that you now know how to draw a dog. Congratulations!


Terrier Dog

Easy steps in drawing a dog.

This is another easy tutorial on how to draw a man’s best friend, a Dog. But unlike the previous one, this is a bit advanced and will really increase your drawing skills. So, let’s unleash your creativity and drawing skills through this how-to-draw tutorial.

Simply follow this easy step to learn how to draw a Dog!

How to Draw a Dog (Version 2)

Easy steps in drawing a dog.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head and the Body

Draw the head and the body of the dog.

Let’s start our dog by drawing two different shapes. The first is a perfect circle drawn on the upper part of your drawing. This will serve as the head guide for your dog. The second that you need to draw is an oval shape overlapping its upper part on the circle shape you’ve drawn earlier. This oval shape will be the body guide of your dog.

Step 2: Draw the Ears and Feet

Draw the ear guide and the feet.

The next thing that you need is the ears and feet. Draw the ear guide by adding two triangle shapes on both edges of the head guide. Each edge of the head guide should have one triangle shape. After that, let’s draw the front feet of your dog by drawing two small oval shapes. And please note that these oval shapes should be drawn horizontally.

Step 3: Draw the Front Legs

Draw the front legs and detail.

Next up are the front legs. We do this by adding two medium-sized oval shapes overlapping between the body and the front feet. These medium-sized oval shapes should be drawn vertically as they serve as the front legs of your dog.

Step 4: Draw the Hind Legs, the Face, and the Tail

Draw the face guide and legs.

Now, let’s start adding details to the face. Draw a cross-line just a little bit lower from the center of the dog’s face. The middle part of the cross line will be where the nose should be drawn. After that, draw the mouth of the dog on the lower part of the nose. After drawing the nose and the mouth, continue completing the face by drawing the eyes of the dog. Draw two diamond shapes that are opposite from each other. Inside these diamond shapes, draw circles until you form the pupil of the eyes.

Next, let’s draw the hind legs by adding two vertical oval shapes just like the front legs and feet you’ve drawn earlier. After that, add the tail by drawing a banana-like shape on the back of one of the hind legs.

Step 5: Add Details

Add detail on the dog.

In this step, we will be adding the details. You can use a different colored pen to emphasize the details of your dog. Let’s start by adding details to the ears. Do this by drawing a long C shape on the left side of the head. Then, draw another one on the other side of the head. After that, trace the body, tail, and feet of your dog using your new colored pen. This will highlight the details of your dog and will bring a much clearer drawing.

Step 6: Erase Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the dog.

Now that you’ve added the important details to your dog, it’s time to erase the extra lines. Erase the cross line in the head. Erase the legs and feet guide. And, erase the oval shape that served as the body. And, there you have it! You now have a real-like dog.

Step 7: Add Spots

Add the spots on the dog.

But wait, we’re not done yet! You can also add spots to your dog. In this step, you can be creative and the spots anywhere you like. Freely do this step however you like.

Step 8: Finish up!

Easy steps in drawing a dog.

Now, it’s time to finish your drawing. Just like the previous step, you can be creative with the colors of your dog. Here is where you will unleash your creativity. Add different colors however you want. You can add brown to the spots while adding a lighter color on the body to have contrasting colors on your dog. Or, you can just do whatever you like! 

After adding the colors, you now have a completed drawing of your dog! Now, the last thing that you’ll need to do is to show your drawing to your family and friends! Let them know that you now can draw a more advanced drawing of a dog. Congratulations!


Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Yorkshire Dog11 min

The Yorkshire Terrier is one the smallest dog breeds of the terrier type, and of any dog breed. The breed developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England. Ideally, its maximum size is 7 pounds. Aren’t they cute?

They may be small in size but big in personality, The Yorkshire Terrier makes a feisty but loving companion. Although “ Yorkies “ as the people of the United States fondly called them, can make for great apartment pets, they also have a tendency to be yappy which neighbors may not appreciate.

They’ll need a bit of maintenance too, especially when it comes to dental care. While these pups are playful, they’re also small and can be injured by children. But if you can provide lots of love, attention, care, and playtime, you’ll have a loving, adorable companion who’ll stick to you like your shadow!

Who says it’s hard to draw a Yorkshire pup? Just follow these simple steps below and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create them.

How to Draw a Dog (version 3)

How to draw a dog in easy steps.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head and the Body

Drawing the head and body guide.

Draw a circle that will serve as the pup’s head. Puppies have relatively large heads so make sure not to draw it too small. Below that, create an oblong shape that reaches the circle. Position it as shown in the picture above. 

Step 2: Clean up the Lines

Remove overlapping lines.

Do not forget to erase the lines that overlap each other when we drew the circle and the oblong. Clean it out because this will serve as the pet’s form outline.

Step 3: Draw the Mustache

Draw the mustache of the dog.

The Yorkshire Terrier is famous for its cute mustache, so let’s do just that on our drawing! Draw a mustache-like shape just on top of the oblong we’ve previously drawn. Make sure both sides of the mustache are equally long and thick.

Step 4: Draw the Mouth

Draw the mouth of the dog.

Again, do not forget to delete those extra lines to make it look clean. The lines that you should erase are those that overlap with the Mustache shape. Now for the mouth, let’s draw a half-circle from the bottom of the left mustache to the right. Such a cute smile we have there!

Step 5: Add the Ears and Eyes

Draw the leg guides of the dog.

Let’s bring our puppy alive! Create those cute little eyes positioned just above the mustache of our image. Then, add large and pointy ears on top of the dog’s head. Again make sure they are positioned equally on both sides of the head. Next, make 5 straight lines below the body. This will be our guide for the dog’s legs. 

Step 6: Draw the Leg

Draw the feet of the dog.

For the leg part, draw a horizontal line connecting the three vertical lines, starting from the leftmost to the right. Then, do the same with the remaining two vertical ones. Now, Add three oblong shapes on top of the horizontal lines to create each foot. At the edge of the body of the dog, draw a curve that looks like an inverted letter C. For the part of the face, create a sunglasses shape just above the eyes, leaving the middle part open. Then, add a tear shape design on the forehead.

Step 7: Add the Tail

Draw the tail of the dog.

Before we add more body parts to our cute dog, let’s clean up. Rub out those unnecessary lines overlapping the head and the feet of the dog. After that add on a tiny circle on its head for our guide to making the ribbon. Also, extend the mustache a little lower up to its chest part forming a cone. And do not forget to form the tail. We do this by connecting the C-shape we made on its tip back towards the body of the dog. 

Step 8: Add Details to the Fur

Add detail to the fur.

Yorkshire Terriers are popular for their cute and furry appearance. So, let’s add a ribbon! Sketch the ribbon following the small circle we made on top of the terrier’s head. From the left side of the same circle, and a curly line for the hair. Add a little more detail on its tail and its back by drawing spiky lines that look like fire patterns.

Step 9:  Erase Extra Lines

Erase extra lines on the dog.

Again, we clean those unwanted lines and define those ears a little more. Make sure to erase the ones on the tail, the ribbon, and the body of the Terrier.

Step 10: Add Hair Strands

Add the hairs on the dog.

Let us add hair for our pup. We do this by adding parallel lines following the hair strands of the dog. Just do the face and tail part and that’s it. 

Step 11: Finish it up!

How to draw a dog in easy steps.

For the fun part, let us color our artwork! A Terrier dog’s color is usually black, brown, white, or a combination of any. The choice is yours. Be more artistic and realistic at the same time. And that’s it, congratulations!


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