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How to Draw a Bunny (2 Drawing Tutorials)

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This is a pet animal that you can take care of at home. Bunnies are called kits. They are born blind and gain sight after 10 days. They are also born hairless but later after a couple of days, the fur started to grow. Their teeth never stop growing and their lives last 10 years. If you see a bunny jumping, and twisting that means they are happy. 

The female bunny is called doe and buck for the male bunny. Bunny’s eyes have an almost 360-degree field of vision, including the area above their head. They can see things all around them without turning their head. Their eyes help them protect themselves from the predator sneaking behind them. But they have also a blind spot, that is located directly in front of their nose.

If you love to have your bunny in your room then, you can have it by following a simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. This simple guide will help you how to draw a bunny using only a pencil, a piece of paper, and a coloring material.

B. How to Draw a Bunny (Version 1)

Let’s go ahead and start drawing our first version of a bunny!

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Step 1: Draw the Head

Let’s get started by drawing the head of your bunny. Draw a perfect circle on the upper part of your paper. You can use a drawing material for you to get a perfect circle or a perfect head for your bunny.

Step 2: Start the Body

This time let’s draw the body of the bunny.  For the body, draw a small circle in the lower left of the head. Make sure that the body will a little overlap with the head of our bunny. This will keep the body and the head to stay connected. 

Step 3: Add the Ears, Eyes, and Mouth

The ears of the bunny are enclosed and long, narrow in shape using a curved line on the upper right and left of the head of your bunny. Inside the head, draw two small circles on the upper portion of the head. Then under the eyes, add two circles connected then erase the line that connects between the two. This looks like a pod of a peanut.

Step 4: Complete the Ears, Eyes, and Mouth

Let’s continue step 3 by adding more details to the eyes, ears, and teeth of your bunny. Put a shaded circle inside the guide eyes that you’ve drawn earlier. Under the eyes draw a curve line on the top of the fur that surrounds the mouth of the bunny. Then, enclose a rounded square beneath the mouth to outline the teeth and add a vertical line in the middle to separate the teeth.

Step 5: Draw the Front Legs

Let’s work on the front legs of your bunny. Draw an enclose irregular shape on the left side of the bunny and another irregular shape on the right part of the bunny. These two legs must connect to the body near the head of the bunny.

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Step 6: Draw the Back Legs and the Tail

In this step let’s continue our legs. These legs are located in the back part of the bunny near the tail. On both sides, left and right, draw an enclose irregular shape that connects to the body of the bunny. On the right side of the leg add a half circle for the tail of the bunny.

Step 7: Add Whiskers and Details

Let’s add some whiskers to your bunny. On both sides of the bunny’s mouth, right and left, draw 3 long and diagonal lines extending outward from the nose to form the whiskers. Then double the irregular shape inside the ears by drawing inside and the same with the body of the bunny.

Step 8: Finish up!

Now it’s time to color your drawing. Our example is the color pink, but rabbits come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are colors white, black, grey, and brown rabbits. It’s up to you what color do like the most. Keep up the good work!

B. How to Draw a Bunny (Version 2)

Here’s our second bunny tutorial for you! And just like the previous one, this second tutorial is also a simple guide with easy-to-follow steps that will help you become a master at drawing cute little bunnies!

So, without further ado, here are the 13 easy steps for you to learn how to draw a bunny!

Step 1: Draw the Face Guide

Let’s start your bunny with a very basic shape, a circle. Draw a perfectly round circle and make sure that it doesn’t have any extra lines. To draw a perfectly shaped circle, you can use a coin, a bottle cap, or any circular item as your guide. This circular shape is the face guide of your bunny and will be the foundation of all the other details you will draw later on.

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Step 2: Draw the Mouth Guide

After drawing the face guide, let’s now proceed to the mouth guide. Draw an oval shape inside the face guide and place it near the bottom part of your circle. Draw the oval shape a bit wider and make it look like an egg placed on top of a table. By doing this, you now have the mouth guide.

Step 3: Draw the Eye Guides

Now that you have both the face and mouth guide, it’s now time for the eye guides. To do this, simply draw two equally shaped small circles on top of the mouth guide you’ve drawn earlier. Draw these small circles a bit away from each other. You can place each circle on top of both edges of the mouth guide.

Step 4: Add the Nose

Now, let’s proceed with our bunny drawing by adding the nose. This step is very simple! Simply add a triangle shape to the upper middle part of your mouth guide. Make sure that the triangle shape is inside the mouth guide and is drawn like it is flipped.

Step 5: Complete the Eyes

For the next part, let’s complete the eyes. Simply draw crescent shapes inside the eye guides you’ve drawn earlier. After drawing these crescent shapes, shade them all to black to depict the pupils of the eyes.

After that, we then add the mouth of your bunny. To do this, draw a letter C inside the mouth guide and make sure that the letter C is facing upward. This will make your bunny look like it is smiling.

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Step 6: Draw the Left Ear

Bunnies have long and fluffy ears. And it is one of the things that makes them adorable. With that said, let’s draw the left ear of your bunny. On the upper left part of the head, draw a line upwards for about half an inch. After that, continue the line by curving it and go all the way back to the head of your bunny. Then that’s it! You now have the left ear.

Step 7: Add the Right Ear

In this step, we just have to repeat the previous step. But this time, we will be doing the right ear. So, just like the left ear, on the upper right part of the head, draw another line upwards for about half an inch. Then continue the line by curving it and go all the way back to the head of your bunny. After doing this, you now have both the left and right ears!

Step 8: Draw the Body

Now that you have your head completed, it’s now time to proceed to the body. Bunnies have huggable bodies. Their bodies are a bit fat and fluffy and it makes us wanna hug them all the time. So, draw the body of your bunny by drawing a circle directly under the head. But make sure that the upper part of the circle is connected to the head, not overlapping.

Step 9: Add the Arms

In this step, we will be drawing both arms of your bunny. Let’s start first with the left arm. From the neck part of your bunny, draw a curve line to the lower left then go back all the way to the middle left part of the body. After that, repeat the exact same step on the right side of the body. You now have both arms!

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Step 10: Draw the Legs

For the legs, just like the arms earlier, we will simply add a curve line. But this time, we will be drawing it on the lower part of the body. On the bottom-left part of the body, draw a curved line all the way down. Then bring that curved line back up, but this time move the line to the right side to create an oval shape. Just like the previous step, repeat the process to add the right leg.

Step 11: Remove Extra Lines

Now that you have both arms and legs, it’s now time to clear the extra lines and have a more beautiful drawing. Remove all overlapping lines between the body and the arms. Make sure that you only remove the overlapping lines and the arms themselves. After that, repeat the exact same process on the leg part. Just remove the overlapping lines and make the legs continuous to the body.

Step 12: Add More Details

You are almost done! Good job! Now let’s add more details to your drawing. Bunnies usually have a whiter chest. That is why in this step, we will add a small circle inside the body. Draw the circle from the left part of the bottom of the head all the way to the right part of the head. This way, you’ll have an imperfect circle but a perfect bunny chest. And that’s it, you now have a bunny drawing!

Step 13: Finish up!

But wait, we are not done yet. Because before we finish up, you can now unleash your creativity and add any color that you want! Pick any color that you like and add them to your bunny. And if you are unsure of what color to add, you can just replicate the sample photo that we did for you. After you’re done with the color, you now have a completed drawing of a bunny. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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