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Sea Animal Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printable Downloads)

Sea Animal Fun Facts For Kids

Kids will be amazed by the sheer number of different types of sea animals. Here are some examples.

Hammerhead shark 

This sea animal is the biggest of the nine species of hammerhead sharks. It can be as long as 13.1 feet or 4m and weigh 500 pounds (230kg). What a massive mass! These sea monsters are thought to be cannibalistic. They eat their own. Hammerhead sharks can go as deep as 984 feet or 300 m. 

Starfish Are Not Fish

Do you think starfish are fish? No, they're not. Starfish are echinoderms, meaning they are aquatic animals with five arms. They're called invertebrates in the same family as the sand dollar, sea cucumber, and sea urchins. All these animals don't have a natural internal skeleton. What will surprise children is that starfish don't have a brain but have a nervous system.


As an ocean animal, a whale is a mammal and breathes like us. Do you know how they breathe? They use their blowholes on top of their heads. There are different whales, such as the baleen whale, toothed whales, and blue whales. Blue whales are one of the giant animals on the planet. Did you know that blue and humpback whales sing? Amazing, right?


These are also fascinating sea animals.  When it's dark, jellyfish can glow because of bioluminescent organs, which produce green or blue light. Anything that touches jellyfish will cause it to emit light. The light can warn other aquatic animals or attract prey. Jellyfish are also brainless and have no heart, bones, or blood. But they have a nervous system to detect light.

Sea turtle

What does a sea turtle eat? Jellyfish. You guessed right— hawkbills and leatherback turtles like eating jellyfish. But the bad thing is that many of them mistake plastic for jellyfish. As a result, they die from eating plastic. Another fun fact about green sea turtles is that they eat plants and seagrass. 


What about dolphins? Kids love these ocean animals because they're intelligent, playful, and friendly. Dolphins are great divers and can dive as deep as 1000 feet. They also have two stomachs; one is for storing food, and the other is for digesting. These intelligent and fast animals can live up to 50 years. Over 50 species of dolphins exist.

There are many sea animals. Examples include clownfish, crab, coral reef, killer whale, tropical fish, octopus, and more. The exciting thing is that you have a wide collection of sea animal coloring pages that children can have fun drawing.

Free Sea Animal Coloring Pages

These free printable coloring pages are ideal for preschool kids. They can have a wonderful and fun time shading marine mammals and other sea creatures. Older kids can also use their crayons to paint an illustration of a seahorse.  There are also fun-filled coloring sheets with seal, crab, and mermaid. 

Each coloring page improves a child's fine motor skills.  After they're done with all the fun ocean activities, they can make a coloring book.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Animal Coloring Pages?

Are the coloring pages free?

Yes, each sea animal coloring page is free and printable.

Do I color with pencils, a pen, or crayons?

Kids can use crayons and pencils because they can correct their mistakes. 

How can I make coloring more fun?

You can use a wide range of coloring materials, like a crayon.

What is the benefit of coloring pages?

Coloring pages can improve a child's color recognition and keep them busy with fun activities.

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