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Free SEAL Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

A seal is an adorable semiaquatic marine mammal. The official name for a seal is Pinniped and they are carnivorous and fin-footed. There are at least 32 different species of seals and they live mostly in colder waters, such as in the colder areas of seas or an ocean. They have a body shape that is round in the middle area then tapered at each end which allows them to be very graceful swimmers who can adapt easily to different environments.

Welcome to our collection of free SEAL coloring pages. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the download and/or print page.

Fabulous seals with intricate design swimming with whales.


Baby seal with a penguin on its head playing with a ball.


Illustration of two seals with identical designs facing each other.


Illustration of a seal with beautiful and intricate design.


Mama seal and her baby playing talking with each other.


Illustration of a mama and baby seal swimming with each other.


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A true seal does not have ears while eared seals include fur seals as well as sea lions. They are part of the Phocidae family of mammals and have flippers that they use while being mobile. They mainly eat different kinds of fish, although some types of seals will consume crustaceans, mollusks, and squid. The leopard seal will actually eat seabirds, penguins, and even other seals as well as krill and fish. The predators that prey on seals include killer whales, leopard seals, larger sharks, polar bears, and human beings since some people hunt them.

While many people like to watch seals in action, especially the baby seal, they are also fun to color and create a craft with since they are so cute and there are so many different types. Our seal coloring pages are great for kids and adults alike and each seal coloring page features a different scene involving amazing seals.

One of the coloring pages includes fabulous seals with intricate design swimming with whales while another features an adorable and cute smiling seal sitting on ice. Younger kids or older children will enjoy using colored pencils, crayon, or even markers to cover these amazing seals coloring pages, including one that boasts a baby seal with a penguin on its head playing with a ball. From the illustration of a seal with a symmetrical design and the picture of two seals with identical designs facing each other to the printable coloring page of baby seals playing with each other with their mother or the one that features a family of seals with lots of other arctic animals, your kids will stay busy for hours on end.

You can download each art print featuring seals as a PDF file for you or your child to color it on a tablet or computer or you can print each one of our free printable coloring pages from your computer to color and display individually as a picture for the wall or someone’s desk in a photo frame or you can use them to create an entire coloring book for your preschoolers to use in a classroom or at home.

Young children especially will love some of the coloring pages that feature a cartoon version of the very spontaneous seal or include a flower in the image. There are many ways you can use these activity pages, from keeping toddlers entertained to created some sort of DIY project.

These seal coloring pages and coloring sheets provide a fun activity that will foster your child’s imagination and creativity. With each drawing, your child will learn more about this wonderful animal, from the circus seal to a mama seal, each sheet will offer an opportunity for your child to use their fine motor skills and to improve their hand-eye coordination.

Whether your child decides to color these amazing seal coloring pages with crayons, colored pencils, or even paint and uses the pictures to hang on the wall and show off their artwork or cute them out to create pieces for a game centered around seals, they can be part of the educational experience for your children.

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