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20 Free MERMAID Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Mermaids capture the imagination of kids of all ages. As a child, I loved the movie The Little Mermaid. Watching Ariel fight for love and win against the evil Ursula never got old. While The Little Mermaid had some dark themes behind the innocent-looking animations, these mermaid coloring pages are fun and whimsical.

Welcome to our collection of free MERMAID coloring pages. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the download and/or print page.

Adorable mermaid swimming next to different sea creatures.


Mermaid waving her hand next to starfish and other fishes.


Little mermaid holding a bubble with different sea creatures.


Cute mermaid holding a seahorse next to different sea creatures.


Illustration of a beautiful mermaid next to starfish and seahorses.


Cute adult mermaid doing a peace sign next to a rainbow.


Cute mermaid with fishes, jelly fish, stars, and seagrass.


Beautiful mermaid sitting on the seafloor next to corals, seagrass, and fishes.


Cute mermaid sitting on a large shell next to starfish and corals.


Little mermaid posing a heart with her hands in the middle of flowers.


Fabulous mermaid wearing a hat with a flower while holding a briefcase.


Cute little mermaid with a beautiful tail riding a wave.


Cat-looking mermaid wearing a crown swimming with different fishes.


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Our mermaid coloring pages are available for digital download. You can also print them for a great way to get your child involved in art. Don’t miss out on this fun freebie.

What is a Mermaid

Mermaids have been popular since the beginning of civilization. Throughout time, legends have ranged from fantasy underwater princess to dangerous sea creatures.

A mermaid is always a girl. Their male counterparts are mermen, but aren’t nearly as popular as mermaids.

Like other mythical creatures, the idea of the mermaid has evolved with the societies that love them. Mermaids have always been mythological creatures with a fishtail and scales on the lower half of their body instead of legs, and human top half of the body.

They are considered a magical creature. They are known to love music. They have some similarities to sirens, but they are a different creature.

The common fairy tale myth of recent years depicts the mermaid with long hair and a beautiful face. The mermaid tail is graceful.

The mermaid particularly appeals to girl children who love fairy tales and fantasy. If you have a girl that loves mermaids, they will love these fun coloring pages.

Mermaid Coloring Pages

If you have a young girl, choose a simple mermaid coloring sheet. The mermaid holding a starfish with an octopus in the foreground is a great choice. Another cute mermaid coloring page is the cat mermaid. She is wearing a crown and swimming with fish.

If your child loves dolphins, the free coloring page featuring a mermaid riding a dolphin will be a huge hit. The mermaid tail is detailed, and great for school-aged children. Another detailed free mermaid coloring page features a mermaid riding a wave. There’s a rainbow in the sky above her.

Adults and children alike will love the mermaid surrounded by flowers in the shape of a heart. For a real challenge, choose the coloring sheet with a princess mermaid surrounded by starfish with clams and coral on the seafloor.

Mermaid Coloring Pages FAQ

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Coloring Pages

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