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Free POWER RANGER Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Oh no! The big and bad evil is back, and only one thing can stop them: a team of energetic and emotional youths supercharged with power from the Morphing Grid. That’s right; the Power Rangers are here to save the day! We’re going to help them out by filling in these digital coloring pages that are free to download, print, and enjoy.

Welcome to our collection of free POWER RANGER coloring pages. Click the Power Rangers pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Power Rangers coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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It’s Morphing Time

When the fighting gets tough, the first thing that the rangers do is morph into their suits. This enhances their martial arts skills, gives them unique weapons, and adds other special abilities depending on the type of power ranger. Since the first English series in 1993, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, there have been nearly 30 seasons of Power Rangers, and most of them have had variations in the costumes every season. The common thread is that each power ranger will have a unique color that helps identify them from others. This color is also used for their street clothes, so it’s easy to match the rangers in their various forms. Red, blue, pink, and yellow are usually part of the main squad, with colors like green and black swapped in across the series. After the Rangers get their main squad, they’ll also add in extra rangers that have more unique colors, like white or gold. We frequently stick to the intended colors, but it can also be fun to make a unique ranger that’s our own.

Send in the Zords

Eventually, the enemies of the Power Rangers will use magic, technology, or other powers to enhance their size, growing into monsters capable of destroying an entire city. The rangers are always ready to respond to any emergency, though, and they have the strength of the Zords to help them. The Zords are the ranger’s giant robot vehicles that have multiple forms. The first forms are specific to each Ranger, working together as a team like the rangers do on foot. These Zords frequently change but stay thematic to the current series. The Beast Morphers use animals, Dino Fury Rangers have a mix of dinosaurs, and Rangers in series like RPM and Turbo have giant versions of normal vehicles.

Even these mighty Zords aren’t enough on their own for every threat, but the Ranger teams have another ace up their sleeve: the Megazord. The Zords combine into an even larger and more capable mech that can handle intergalactic villains that no other hero team could handle. Each team has their own spin on the Megazord, but most are humanoid with parts that showcase the component Zords.

Battles Across the Morphing Grid

While the Rangers are the stars, the stories aren’t nearly as exciting without a good villain for them to fight. Since we’ve seen them fight the regular monsters dozens of times, it’s fun to send the Rangers across the multiverse to fight bad guys from different media. They can stand against an unending horde of hungry undead from Plants versus Zombies. They might pit the Megazord against the fearful presence of Siren Head. For particularly tough battles, they sometimes team up with other superhero squads like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The great part about coloring with the Power Rangers for me is being able to use my imagination and creativity to make new adventures.

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