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Free SIREN HEAD Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Oh no! Here comes Siren Head! I had better run as fast as I can! Then, I’ll grab my crayons and markers, because this Siren Head is only on paper. While he’s still one of the scariest new cryptids amongst bizarre options like Cartoon Cat and Huggy Wuggy, it’s safe to sit at the table and give him a new look.

Welcome to our collection of free SIREN HEAD coloring pages. Click the Siren Head pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Siren Head coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What Is Siren Head?

Creating a new scary monster is hard. They need to be unique to stand out from standard fare like zombies, but they also need to have a simple and evocative look and style that invokes fear. Trevor Henderson seems to have mastery over the process, creating the menacing Siren Head. He also created Cartoon Cat and several other cryptids that have gained online popularity in recent years.

Siren Head’s tall and slender body is vaguely humanoid, but it usually looks like skin and veins have been stretched over a skeleton. At the top is his namesake: a siren that he uses to frighten and trick the people around him. Some versions of Siren Head will have sirens with teeth in them for even more uncanny bizarreness. Others have heads that aren’t sirens at all, like the common Lamp Head variation or even weirder ones.

The Cryptid Creeps into Coloring

Through the lore of Siren Head, the elusive yet loud monster has a different appearance for everyone who sees him. That makes him a fantastic character to express creativity. A bright blue Siren Head could be an option, especially if he lives near a shining lake. A rainbow-colored Siren Head might ride down the colorful sky to offer a surprise to anyone hunting for a pot of gold. A steely gray and black Siren Head would be hard to spot in a dark alleyway.

It can also be easy to replace the head in some of the images for even more unique takes. For example, after coloring a dark Siren Head, I covered another sheet of paper in glue and scattered glitter across it. A quick circle cut and another paste turned Siren Head into Disco Ball Head, the looming monster of the dance hall. The modifications can also be made ahead of time – pun intended – so they blend in naturally with the page. I can find a coloring image of a boombox, paste it onto the page before printing, and give the whole family the opportunity to color a picture of Speaker Head.

Help Siren Head Spook

Although Siren Head is usually the bad guy, it can be fun to team up with him to give other characters a spook. He might pass through New York City to give the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a head-turning scare. Later, he’ll head to Neighborville and help Imp scare the seeds out of the plants and find tasty brains. Siren Head has also been known to take time out from his scaring to enjoy the holiday season., but even Santa Claus could teach Siren Head a lesson or two on being sneaky. With digital coloring pages, it’s easy to snip the images from all of these different pictures and combine them into one frightening scene. For something bigger, we’ll take existing pages and cut out the colored sections then apply them to a larger canvas. The background and details can be more cut-outs, other images, or free-hand coloring.

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