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Free THOR Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

We all love our God of thunder. But, what do we know about Thor that makes him so appealing to our kids? We all know that he is very strong. Moreover, we know that he has played a great part in making sure that the Marvel team gets the recognition that it deserves.

Welcome to our collection of free THOR coloring pages. Click the Thor pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Thor coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What else do we know about our favorite superhero?

He is Very Strong

One of the main things that we know about Thor is that he is incredibly strong. We have seen this fact being displayed in every comic book and movie that we know about him. Yet, it seems like we don’t have much of an idea of how powerful our God of Thunder really is. It’s a secret fact that he is an Asgardian God of Strength. This means that what we know about him is limited because he is an absolutely powerful being on his realm and on our planet. 

This means that he isn’t only powerful, but he is fascinatingly resilient more than our other favorite superheroes. One thing that we can’t deny about Thor is that his power makes him what we know him to be. 

He Lost his Eye

In one of the Thor movies, he went through a very traumatic ordeal where he lost one of his eyes. In this movie, we got to experience Thor’s vulnerability as a character. Not only did he lose his eye, but he had to undergo a journey of self-discovery. In this journey, we got to see him from a different angle. We are so used to the character that’s portrayed in our coloring books. He exudes a lot of power, and we hardly ever get to see him as vulnerable as he was at this point in his life. 

He has no Gender

As if he could get more interesting. I was very surprised to find that our favorite superhero has been both a man and a woman. It’s normal for us to think of him as a hammer hurling hero. Yet, our strong superhero wasn’t always a man. In our comic books, Thor was depicted as a woman. This means that the Marvel cinematic universe gives us a different experience of Thor. 

He can Manipulate Energy 

We all know that Thor and his hammer are inseparable. His mighty tool that we see in our coloring pages is very powerful. In fact, this hammer is one of a kind. It can manipulate energy to what Thor needs it to be. This means that if Thor separates from his hammer, he loses a lot of his power. As a result, he wouldn’t have the same strength and resilience that we know him to have. In addition, he wouldn’t have the same powers that we know him to have in Asgard. In various franchises of the Marvel Comics, we get to know Thor for his powers that are directly linked to his hammer. In one of the movies, he unfortunately lost this power. Again, this is the point that we got to witness him in his most vulnerable position. 

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