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Free KNIGHTS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

While they are not as prevalent in today’s society as they once were, knights are still well known to children of all ages. They fight dragons and save princesses while protecting their village. So it’s no wonder that kids not only love to pretend that they are knights, but also enjoy coloring pages that feature these valiant people. 

Welcome to our collection of free KNIGHTS coloring pages. Click the Knights pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. EveryKnights coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Learn About Knights

Did you know that people are still knighted in today’s society? It’s true. The British Royale family has knighted numerous people throughout the years. With that said, being knighted is more of a title than anything else, and it doesn’t require those who have been lucky enough to earn the rank to go out and fight dragons. Giving your children knights coloring pages provides a unique opportunity to teach your kids about the history of knights. 

Medieval knights first became known during the reign of King Charlemagne. His knights protected him during battle and won many victories for the king. Another interesting knight fact is that Sir William Marshal, who was born in 1146 and died in 1219, is considered one of the most celebrated knights in history. At only 6 years old, his father gave him up as a hostage when their castle was captured by King Stephen.

Teach Kids About The Middle Ages

Knights and the Middle Ages go hand and hand. Having coloring pages featuring knights is a great way to introduce the Middle Ages to your children. For example, the Middle Ages occurred between 500 and 1500. It started after the collapse of the Roman civilization and ended when the Renaissance period began. An interesting fact about this time period is that eels were sometimes used as a form of currency. Can you imagine paying someone with eels? 

Kids Love Playing As Knights

What kid doesn’t love grabbing their play sword, jumping on their trusty steed, and riding gallantly into battle against a dragon? It is not unusual for children to pretend to be knights, and there are even dress-up outfits, fake swords, and play armor all designed to make your child look as if they have just stepped out of the Middle Ages. So it’s no surprise that your child would be excited about coloring pages featuring knights. 

There Be Dragons

If there are knights, then you are sure to find dragons. Knights and dragons go hand and hand, and this fanciful creature is a favorite of many children. They are large, sometimes a bit menacing looking, and covered in scales. They come in a wide array of colors, which means your children can decide for themselves what they want the dragon on the coloring page to look like. For even more fun, consider letting your children decorate the dragons with glitter dust to make their scales sparkle and shine. 

Pair Knight Coloring Pages With Knight-Themed Crafts

You don’t have to stop with coloring pages, you can create an entire day filled with knight-themed activities and crafts. Read a book to the kids about knights, or put in a movie featuring Sir Lancelot. Disney’s Sword in the Stone is a popular choice for knight-related movies, while How To Train Your Dragon will provide all the dragon content you could ever want. 

For knight-related crafts, have your children build a castle out of Legos or blocks, or make their very own sword using an empty paper towel roll and aluminum foil. Make sure to serve knight-themed snacks, such as jouster’s juice (any type of punch or fruit juice) and Merlin’s munchies (meatballs and sliced raw veggies), and then end the day with a knight storybook before bed. A few options include How To Become A Knight, The Knight And The Dragon, or Knight Owl. 

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