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Free TROLLS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Troll-themed coloring pages can bring to mind a variety of concepts to many people. Generally, most individuals searching for some trolls coloring sheets will be imagining some colorful, tiny-bodied, and big-haired characters. However, some could be considering a cranky monster that likes to plant itself under bridges. Still, others could be thinking of an armored monster ready to go to battle for its horde. Regardless of your perception of what a troll coloring page should be, kids will love coloring these troll-themed coloring pages.

Welcome to our collection of free TROLLS coloring pages. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the download and/or print page.

Illustration of Satin and Chenille with Maxie Sparkledust.


Illustration of a Trolls character blowing candles on a cake.


Illustration of different Trolls characters inside circle frames.


Illustration of a scary troll with lots of hair surrounding his face.


Illustration of Poppy singing and shouting with a microphone.


Illustration of harper getting ready to paint something.


An illustration of an overly excited Cooper with Mr.Dinkles on the back.


Illustration of a smiling Poppy while being surrounded by stars, hearts, and cupcakes.


Branch having a disappointed face while looking at Guy Diamond.


Poppy holding a leaf while standing happily on one foot.


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Characters from the kids movie Trolls will be what many kids will love to color. Princess Poppy and her friend Branch star in the hit movie. Coloring pages that depict Poppy and Branch in various ways will keep your kids coloring for hours. Also, kids will recognize other popular characters like Biggie, Guy Diamond, Cooper, Mr. Dinkles, and King Peppy. Fans of the movie will love coloring these coloring pages based on the movie Trolls.

Some of the other famous characters on the Trolls movie look more like the generic definition of a troll, yet they are called the Bergen. Kids will enjoy coloring pictures of their favorite Bergens as well. Characters like Prince Gristle, Bridget, and the infamous Chef will keep kids entertained as well. Some scenes will include your favorite trolls interacting with the Bergens.

Adding to the fame and fortune of the Trolls film was the second movie, Trolls World Tour. This movie continued the story while adding some excellent new characters. Kids who have seen the second film will love coloring pages featuring some of these newcomers. Some coloring sheets will depict Poppy or Branch interacting with Barb, Delta Dawn, or Growly Pete. If your kids are fans of the Trolls movies, then they will have a blast with some of these troll coloring pages.

As mentioned before, some searchers for a troll-themed coloring sheet do not have adorable poofy-haired dolls in mind. For those wishing to find trolls of the vein associated with the three billy-goats, then there are some coloring sheets for you as well. Scenes of the ugly variety of trolls that act as villains in fairytales are another popular troll coloring sheet. Kids will enjoy coloring wort-covered old trolls that live in bogs and under bridges just as much.

Finally, depending on what kind of games or popular culture you have been exposed to, some picture trolls as a figure of action that often wields and throws axes. These armored beasts usually act as antagonists in fantasy-style books, games, and movies. These types of trolls are often depicted as tribal peoples that live in the mountains. Older kids may want a militarized troll to color rather than a cute one.

Whether your child wants to color trolls from the movie, the storybook, or video games, finding them a troll coloring sheet has never been more accessible; enjoy these fantastical creatures as they adventure in their magic worlds acting as either the heroes or the villains. Let your kids enjoy hours of fun coloring these troll coloring pages.

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