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Free LION KING Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free LION KING coloring pages. Click the LION KING pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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In June 1994, an idea that Disney had come to life on the screen. This idea grew from a West African historical account of Sundiata Keita. Keita was the founder of an empire known as the Malian Empire. Disney wanted to adapt the story and create an animated full-length movie that helped children understand the basic concepts of history. 

From this idea came the famous movie, The Lion King. Since it debuted, the story has been loved by children around the world. It has also been used in homeschool educational circles as a way to teach emotions, morality, and ethics. A way this can be done is to use printable coloring pages to build a personalized coloring book for your child. Here are some ways to do that and create the Lion King coloring pages book that is ideal for your child. 

Character Sections

The first and easiest way to build your child’s own Lion King coloring pages book is to break it down into sections. You can break it down by character and take your child through each of their stories. This is an ideal way to help build character understanding, story comprehension, and even comprehension of the different emotions each character goes through. 

You can show the dynamic of a father and son relationship. You can also show how friendships develop between people of different societies and backgrounds. You can go in-depth with the development of Simba and how he goes from being a child to being the King. By breaking it down into sections, you can give a deeper understanding of how people’s emotions and life affect them and create the people they need to be. 

Movie Scenes

If you are trying to teach your child about sequencing and comprehension, you may want to consider creating coloring pages that depict the scenes of the movie. You can have your child put them in order to help them with memory, comprehension, and sequencing. These movie scenes are sometimes available as printable packs on various children’s sites. They are also available to create simple stories, storybooks, and coloring storybooks that are pocket-sized for your children to take with them. This makes the coloring book portable and a great way for your child to pass the time on long trips. 

Activity Pages

Let’s face it, sometimes children get bored with just coloring. This means they need something to keep their minds active and engaged. This is especially important on long trips or if they are working on their coloring while you are cleaning and doing other things around the house. Look for activity pages that are coloring pages as well. Remember, the Lion King has been used throughout various elementary school programs and curricula. Simba and his friends have been used to help with basic memory, the alphabet, and even counting. These activity pages can be mixed in with the standard coloring pages to give your child a full Lion King experience. 

Counting Flip Books

You may be looking for something that is a bit smaller or that will keep your child occupied for just a few hours. Counting and coloring flipbooks are perfect for this. The flipbooks usually are made of ten pages to help your child count from one to ten. They feature different characters from the Lion King and can all be colored. This gives them something to focus on and gives you a way to help teach your child some of the basics of counting. Some of these books also come with a certificate at the end that helps your child feel accomplished.

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