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Free WOLVERINE Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Marvel Comics never disappoint with a long list of superheroes with remarkable powers. At the top of the list, you’ll find one of the most popular superheroes or X-Man – Wolverine. So, our collection of superhero coloring pages wouldn’t be complete without this fan-favorite mutant. These printable Wolverine coloring pages are guaranteed to give you and your child a great time and some nice action!

Welcome to our collection of free WOLVERINE coloring pages. Click the Wolverine pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Wolverine coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Illustration of Wolverine jumping in between buildings to fight.


Illustration of Wolverine showing his claws only on one hand.


An awesome illustration of Wolverine dashing for a fight.


Illustration of Wolverine and Deadpool with their weapons.


A fierce Wolverine jumping outside a building while pointing his claws.


A Wolverine stare down while getting ready for the battle.


Illustration of Wolverine fighting a villain inside a computer room.


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Get In On the Action With These Wolverine Coloring Pages

Wolverine never has a dull moment, and each of our Wolverine coloring pages is a testament to that. Our amazing illustrations show Wolverine doing what he does best: fighting the bad guys and looking tough and cool with his famous claws. 

There’s a Wolverine coloring page showing the X-Men fighting Juggernaut and another one fighting Magneto. Other coloring pages show Wolverine jumping in-between buildings, jumping on cars, and dashing for the next fight. 

Each Wolverine coloring page shows the mutant always with his claws out. This is important because Wolverine and his claws go hand in hand. They are his best weapon and where all the action starts, as he uses them to make short work of his enemies. 

Our Wolverine coloring sheets also depict the superhero in his suit and mask. The detailing is fantastic, and the drawings incorporate all the elements that make Wolverine a much-loved hero. You and your kid will enjoy filling out these coloring pages.

There’s a Great Story Behind Each Wolverine Coloring Page

Wolverine is also known as Logan in the comics and movies, although he was born James Howlett. In most scenes that show this Marvel character, you always get the sense that he is a fierce character with a no-nonsense attitude. 

But still, there’s something loveable about Wolverine. Even though he always acts so tough, it’s obvious he’s one of the good guys, and he even has a sense of humor. He also cares about what happens to his friends.  

The reason Wolverine is popular with kids is, of course, because of his claws. They are cool, dangerous-looking, and Wolverine can make them come out on command. What’s even cooler is that they are made of the strongest metal in the world – adamantium. Also, Wolverine has incredible healing powers, so almost nothing can stop him.

As your child works on each Wolverine coloring page, they will be so impressed because the claws are out in full force. Wolverine is the best kind of superhero for children because it’s empowering to see him going against the bad guys without any fear whatsoever.

Kids love the idea of being invincible and winning against the bad guys. These Wolverine superhero coloring pages will inspire your child to be more confident, and they will have tons of fun as they add colors to their favorite X-Man. Designed for girls, boys, and adults of all ages, our Wolverine coloring sheets are unique, printable, and simply awesome.

Are You Looking for More Superhero Coloring Pages?

Besides Wolverine, our superhero coloring pages include more of your favorites. For your next stop, you can check out our Avengers coloring pages, which also contain superheroes from the Marvel Universe. The best thing about each coloring page is the level of detail that will keep your young ones entertained for hours as they create colorful scene after colorful scene.

You can download as many of these coloring pages or save them on your computer as PDFs. After each coloring activity, you can add each complete piece of art to your child’s superhero coloring book. This is a great way to preserve your child’s art and get the most out of our coloring pages!

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