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Free DAISY DUCK Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

In 1940, Disney debuted a new character that would later capture the hearts of children around the world. During the cartoon episode, “Mr. Duck Steps Out,” a cute little female duck appeared. That duck would be known as Daisy Duck. Daisy has changed over the years. Her outfits have evolved and even her look has evolved slightly. If you are looking for Daisy Duck coloring pages, here are some hints about how to make the pages match a certain time period in the history of Daisy’s life as a Disney fan favorite. 

Welcome to our collection of free DAISY DUCk coloring pages. Click the Daisy Duck pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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1940s Daisy Duck

There is a rare Daisy Duck Disney introduced. She was Daisy before there was a Daisy. Her first appearance started in the late 1930s. She was, what we would call, a beta test for the idea that later became Daisy Duck. The first beta test was for Donna Duck. Donna was shown as a female duck with large silver-colored eyelids and very long eyelashes. She was shown in a short clip known as Don Donald. From there, Daisy Duck was born. She was depicted as shy, but also very flirtatious. At one point, her tail feathers actually form into a hand and beckon Donald closer. Her appearance was that of a typical 1950s young woman, just in a ducks outfit. Her voice, which was very similar to Donald’s trademark voice,  was the noticeable part of Daisy that immediately began to change as Disney entered the 1950s. 

1950s Daisy Duck

If you see the late 1800s or Victorian-looking Daisy Duck, you are likely looking at a coloring page depicting Daisy from a short clip featuring an 1890s version of the Disney character. This Victorian version of Daisy did not last long. In fact, the only other time we have seen Daisy like this is with Mickey’s Christmas Carol, which did not debut for several decades. In the 1950s Daisy is depicted as the proper young lady who is courting and eventually marries Donald Duck. Daisy is shown in a dress with a matching hair bow and matching shoes. Her shoes are always short heels or pumps. In many cartoons featuring Daisy and Donald, you will also find Daisy wearing matching eyeshadow to her dress. When you find coloring pages that feature Daisy in different dresses, they are likely to depict a Daisy Duck from the 1950s. 

1990s Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck stayed relatively the same until the 1990s. With the 1990s came several changes to Donald’s partner. Daisy began to appear in more modern style dresses and started getting the typical baby blue color or pink color that has made Daisy so well known. We also began seeing a Daisy Duck that was on her own.

The independent woman with a career and living life to her own expectations became the norm. She started becoming a symbol to young girls that they could achieve a work and family balance and do it all with style. Coloring pages showing this time period of Daisy Duck usually show her in a career mode or on her own driving her car and going shopping. 

2000s Daisy Duck

The 2000s have seen several changes in Daisy Duck. We began seeing Daisy show up in more movies. Instead of guest appearances on shows or small clips and shorts, Daisy was now a main character on the big screen. Fantasia 2000 saw her first 2000s big-screen debut. She also appeared in the Disney animated Three Musketeers based on the classic Dumas book. She even went on to do a cameo appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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