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Free ASTRONAUT & SPACE Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

It’s no secret that young children are obsessed with flying. Show them a flying superhero and they will be impressed. However, astronauts are a whole different kettle of fish. They simply fill a kid with wonder and awe. I have known a lot of preschoolers in my life and I can tell you most of them wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up at one point or another. I can confidently say there’s no better way to immerse your child into the world of astronauts than with coloring. Not only does it give you an opportunity to teach them the wonders of outer space, but it doesn’t take much effort to put together. The coloring pages below will make life even simpler for you and much more fun for your little one. There are many options to choose from with many different elements that will keep your child glued to the activity.

Welcome to our collection of ASTRONAUTS & SPACE coloring pages for kids. Click the Astronaut pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every astronaut coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Dog astronaut on the moon with doggy flag and rocketship.


Astronaut taking a selfie in space with stars and planets.


Spaceship zipping through space with stars and view of Earth.


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Does your child want to be an astronaut?

The reason why kids love astronauts so much is because they are proof you don’t have to be Superman or Batman to fly. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, there are many men and women they can look up to that have experienced the thrill of flying into outer space. You can tell your child that it’s possible to be an astronaut by studying a relevant field, such as engineering. 

Also, astronauts need to be very healthy (you can use this to motivate your child to be healthier, by eating their vegetables for instance). Astronauts must also be very friendly, polite, and well-liked people since they have to get along with many people during many missions. These are all great attributes that your child will want to emulate, so they can become an astronaut.

You should also prepare yourself for any questions your child may come up with as they go about their coloring activities. For instance, they might want to know why astronauts float in space. In that instance, you can explain to them that there’s no gravity (which is the downward force acting on everyone). So while astronauts may have mass, there’s no force that acts downwards so the astronaut may feel weightless.

Your child may also want to know why astronauts wear spacesuits. This is because spacesuits protect the astronaut from the outside environment which can be harsh because of extreme temperatures. The spacesuit also supplies the astronaut with the oxygen they need to breathe and survive while in outer space. While the astronaut wears the spacesuit they will still be able to explore their environment because of the visor.

All in all, these astronaut coloring pages will be a joy for your child because of their versatility. While they will have to stick to white for the astronaut’s suits, there are so many colors to explore. For instance, the spaceship, stars, planets, andspacesuit, background can all be painted in different colors. The beauty of it is that each coloring page is downloadable and printable. 

This gives you the opportunity to provide your child with the same coloring page, so they can experiment with a unique set of crayons or colored pencils. As they keep practicing, they’ll definitely improve on the color coordination, enabling them to come up with art that’s worthy of your fridge, living room wall, or office desk.  They will certainly be wonderful to look at, because everyone loves astronauts and NASA after all. That means you can even turn these astronaut coloring pages into family fun time where you also get some free quality time. The possibilities are endless and we hope you explore them all with these simple, yet wonderful astronaut coloring pages.

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