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Free PLANTS VS ZOMBIES Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Ahh! Zombies ate my brain! All I can think about now is enjoying more Plants versus Zombies coloring pages. Whether it’s the original tower defense game or the newer multiplayer shooters, a Plants versus Zombies battlefield is full of more motion and excitement than is expected for creatures that aren’t typically fast.

Welcome to our collection of free PLANTS VS ZOMBIES coloring pages. Click the Plants Vs Zombies pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Plants Vs Zombies coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Defense of the Foliage

There are plenty of plants between the various versions, with dozens of varieties for the original line and around ten characters that players can choose from in each third-person shooter.

Most plants make an appearance across multiple games. For example, corn is represented by the kernel-pult and cob cannon in the tower defense variety. The first lobs corn and butter at the zombies, damaging or stunning them. The cob cannon upgrade turns it into one of the most devastating defense tools in the game, capable of repeatedly carving holes in the zombie waves. In the shooter version, the spry Kernel Corn is a high energy soldier that sports twin kernel launchers, the ability to jump through the sky and do an acrobatic barrage of seeds on enemies below, and other awesome powers.

There’s also the time-travelling Citron is a round fruit from the future that comes back to fight off the zombies of the shooter version with high-tech weaponry like an energy shield and laser beam. Or the sharpshooting cactus that pops zombies out of the sky or snipes them with spikes from across the battlefield.

Get Those Brains

Although the plants are full of marvelous mutations, the zombie team has just as many variations in both of the game lines that can inspire an eating of the minds. Although tiny, the imp is one of the more imposing zombies in the horde’s arsenal. For the tower defense variety, the imp rides on top of the Gargantuar, flying through the air to attack the depths of the plant’s defensive line. In the shooter version, the imp trades in his Gargantuar pal for a giant mech that can wipe out entire waves of plant soldiers on its own. Although he doesn’t show up in the defense version, Super Brainz is a fun brawler that can launch himself through the air, shoot high-powered lasers, and punch things hard. He makes chomping on a tasty brain feel like saving the world. There are plenty of other awesome undead that show up on the battlefield, like a pirate with a zombie bird or a disco skater with static-charged zaps.

Start the Garden Warfare

Although it’s fun to color the details on my favorite Plants versus Zombies characters, the most fun is recreating the scale of mayhem in the games. I like to combine the large hordes of the defensive games with the interesting characters of the shooters. First, I’ll take cut-outs of my favorite characters to paste together or digitally resize them onto the same page. I’ll fill in the rest of the plants and zombies with freehand coloring to create a dynamic warzone that rivals the zany and hectic theme of the games. My kid loves to add explosions and other details to paint a story out of the coloring activity.

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