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How to Draw a Bluebell in 9 Easy Steps


Flowers will give a lot of colors and beauty to the world. Seeing a lovely flower with fragrance will surely paint a smile on your face. Bluebells are one of those flowers that will give beauty to your surroundings. Did you know that bluebells take at least five years for a seed to grow into a bulb? Bluebells are mostly found and protected by the law in the United Kingdom.

If you separate the bluebell to its habitat, well that is already illegal. Any trade in wild common bluebell bulbs or seeds is also illegal and you have to pay for the amount that is given by the law.   According to legend, bluebells are also known as “fairy flowers”. Because fairies used them to attract and trap people walking through the woods, especially children.

There are many more names for bluebell, namely the common bluebells, English bluebells, British bluebells, wood bells, and wild hyacinth. And each name has its own history just like the fairy flowers.

Since bluebells are hard to reach, we can create our own bluebells by following the step-by-step tutorial below.

Easy steps in drawing a bluebell.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Start the Stem

Drawing the stem of the bluebell.

Let’s start your bluebell by drawing the stem. Stems are very important to the plants because they will distribute the nutrients from the different parts of the plants. Now to draw the stem, simply draw a long curve line in your paper.

Step 2: Add Details

Drawing the detail of the stem.

After the stem, let’s add a short diagonal line for the leaves and the flowers. Let’s start putting 5 diagonal lines in the stem. Make sure that they are not in one place, if possible measure the distance in every diagonal line to make our drawing beautiful.

Step 3: Draw the Guide for the Flower

Draw the flower guide for the bluebell.

For you to be guided in drawing the flower, just simply draw an oval shape on the tip of the stem. Then, draw another oval shape from the second diagonal line on the left side and another on the right side of it.

Step 4: Add Petals

Add the petals of the bluebells.

From the oval shape that you have drawn earlier, let’s add petals to it.  From the bottom of that oval shape, draw a diagonal line going up then draw a curve line to connect it to the upper part of the oval. Then do these to the following oval in your drawing.

Step 5: Add More Details

Drawing the detail of the flowers.

To make our flowers beautiful, let’s add more details to our petals. From the bottom of the oval shape that you have drawn earlier draw a not-so-perfect line going up then connect the line to the oval by drawing another horizontal curve line. Do it the same with the flowers that you have drawn earlier. But this time petals must draw a little short than the first petal.

Step 6: Draw More Flowers

Draw the detail of the flowers.

Something is still missing from your drawing. Let’s add more flowers to the empty stem. This time draw an oval shape with a point on the edge. Draw it on the tip of the stem that has no flowers.

Step 7: Add the Leaves

Drawing the petals of the flowers.

Flowers look so empty without leaves. So, let’s add leaves to our bluebells to look more beautiful. Draw two leaves under each flower. To draw the leaves, draw two curved lines that will meet at the bottom. This looks like an oval with a pointed edge.

Step 8: Add More leaves

Add more leaves to the bluebells.

One more step and you are done with your beautiful bluebells. Add more leaves to your bluebells, by simply drawing two curves that meet on the stem of your bluebells. Again, these leaves look like an oval that has pointed edges.

Step 9: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing a bluebell with colors.

Hurray! Now that you are done with your drawing it’s time to finish it up. In this step, show your creativity by bringing your bluebells to life. We have examples of how to color bluebells, but you may also choose colors you love. Hope you enjoy drawing your bluebell. Don’t forget to show your drawing to your family and friends. Congratulation! 

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