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How to Draw Violets in 11 Easy Steps

Violets are appreciated for their everlasting beauty. Violets attract a variety of insects, including butterflies and hummingbirds. These stunning blooms not only enhance the beauty of your landscape but also carry a wealth of symbolic value. If you haven’t given the deeper meaning of violet blossoms, now is the time. The sweet-scented violet flower represents honesty and loyalty, as well as modesty, spiritual wisdom, and humanity.

Do you want to draw your own violet flower? Great! This quick tutorial lesson will help you a lot in drawing the beautiful violet flower.

1: Draw the Stamens

The stamen of the violet flower is found in the center. To do this, draw three circles in your paper. The first small circle will be in the upper left portion, then the second circle at the lower right portion of the first circle, and the third circle will be located at the lower portion of the two circles made earlier. Note: this third circle must be bigger than the first and second circles above. Be sure to put a space in every circle because in the next steps we will add petals to it.  

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2: Add Petals

Add the initial section of the crown of the leaf of the pineapple outline. On the top of the pineapple in the middle part draw a vertical oval with a pointed edge. Make sure that it looks like an ordinary leaf that we can see in our surroundings.

Step 3: Add Petals and Remove Extra Lines

Draw another set of petals to the first circle. Again, surround the first circle with the oblong shape. Make sure to overlap one petal with another. Clean the petals of the first flower that you made earlier. Erase the lines that overlap each petal.

Step 4: Add More Petals and Remove Extra Lines

The last set of petals will be drawn in the second circle. Again, surround the second circle with an oblong shape. Again, make sure that it will overlap on both sides. It will also, overlap the petal of the upper left flower. Then, erase the lines that overlap each petal.

Step 5: Clean the Petals

Now that we are done drawing the three-violet flower, it’s time to erase some lines on it. Let’s clean the petals by erasing the curved lines inside each petal. Make sure that all petals are still connected.

Step 6: Add the Leaves

Leaves will add colors and beauty to your flowers. Let’s surround your flowers with six leaves. In this step, we will be using big and small curve lines. To do this, let’s make a curve line from the second flower connecting to the first flower. Then, add another curve line from the first leaf to connect it to the second flower.

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Note: this is a repeated process, make sure to surround your flower with the leaves using curve lines to complete the six leaves.

Step 7: Draw the Pot

Let’s put your flower in the pot. To draw this, on both sides, draw two short vertical lines. These two vertical lines must have the same length. Then, Connect these two vertical lines with a horizontal line.

Step 8: Add Details to the Pot

In adding details to your pot, draw a half oval shape below the horizontal line. Draw this from the left corner of the horizontal line going in the opposite direction. On the opposite side draw another curve line. On the upper portion of the pot, draw a curved line from the left edge to the opposite side. 

Step 9: Remove Extra Lines

In this step, we will focus on the lower portion of the pot. After adding details to it, let’s erase some lines that are not included in your drawing. Clean your pot by erasing the horizontal line and the curve inside. Make sure to erase the lines overlapping the leaves.

Step 10: Add the Veins and the Midrib of the Leaves

Let’s draw the Midribs of each leaf. In the middle part of each leaf, draw a straight line that connects to the edge of the leaves. After that, we will add veins to it. In drawing the veins, draw some lines from the midribs to the margin of the leaves. Please observe space in every vein. Lastly, in the center of the flower, draw one circle in the middle, then surround it with another set of circles. 

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Step 11: Finish Up!

Are you excited to show your talent in coloring your own drawing? Me too, I’m so excited! But before anything else, trace your drawing with the black pen or marker to see your drawing clearly. Then after that, you can start choosing colors for your flower, leaves, and pot. I believe that you will do a great job in coloring your drawing. Congratulations!

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