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How to Draw a Rose in 9 Simple Steps

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The rose is a type of flowering shrub. The flowers of the rose grow in many different colors, from the well-known red rose to yellow roses and sometimes white or purple roses. Did you know that many roses have a strong and pleasant scent?. Most of them have thorns on their stem so you must be extra careful touching them as it might hurt you. But overall, they are beautiful plants to look at. Why not try to draw one instead? Let’s go!

Simply follow these 9 easy steps on how to draw a rose. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

Step 1: Draw the Bud

Roses are beautiful and aromatic flowers. But to achieve its beauty, the first thing we do is we draw a small circle and put a hat on it. This will serve as the flower bud.

Step 2: Add the Inner Petals

Next, with the guide of the circle that we’ve made, we create a teardrop shape on both sides. A big one on the left side while a smaller one on the right. Do not forget to erase those unwanted lines for our bud to look neat.

Step 3: Draw the back Petal

On the top part of the petal that we have created, let us add a tiny detail to it by adding 2 more petals. Imagine putting ears on your flower.

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Step 4: Add Details

how to draw a rose

Let us add a tiny detail to our art by adding a line on the big petals we’ve created.

Step 5: Draw Some Lines

how to draw a rose

We shall add another line on the inside bud so that it will look more like a real one. 

Step 6: Add a Tiny Petal

Add a tiny petal on the left side of your flower. Take a look at your creation, it looks like a flower that is so proud to present itself to the world.

Step 7: Draw the Stem

how to draw a rose

We add the stem by simply putting 2 straight lines below your rosebud.

Step 8: Draw the Leaves

You are almost done. Keep it up! Next, add 3 tiny leaves connecting the bud and the stem.

Step 9: Finish up!

how to draw a rose

Now for the finale, let us color our rose with red and green for the stem and leaves to make it look more realistic. You can then show your finished drawing to your family and friends to let them know that you are now capable of drawing a rose. Congratulations on your creation!

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