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How to Draw a Poppy in 9 Simple Steps

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Poppy is a flowering plant. These flowers are symbolic and used to remember the Armistice Day of World War 1, now known as Remembrance Day. Celebrated for those who died in all wars. It’s good to know that this flower has a special mark.

The flower color of poppy species includes white, pink, yellow, orange, red, and blue. Some have dark center markings. Did you know that before blooming, the petals are crumpled in the bud, and as blooming finishes, the petals often lie flat before falling away.

How cool is that? Now let us try to draw our own Poppy flower by following these 9 simple steps.

Step 1: Draw a circle.

First, we create a circle. This will serve as the foundation of your Poppy drawing and will also be the guide for all the details later.

Step 2: Add Inner Circles

Inside the circle we’ve made earlier, do another 2 small circles in the center. Make sure that the inner circles are inside one another just like our sample above.

Step 3: Add the Petals

With the guide of the bigger circle we have created, let us design 2 petal shapes inside. Creating a flat-leaf look alike.

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Step 4: Draw Inner Petals

Now, imagine putting a shell inside those big petals we’ve made. Making the center circle our pearl. This time, add two inner petals using the inner circles as our guide.

Step 5: Fold the Inner Petal

Let us add a tiny detail on the right side of that shell we’ve made, making it look like our petal is a little folded.

Step 6: Draw the Stem

We shall now add our stem by just simply adding a straight line below our poppy flower.

Step 7:  Add a Curve Line to the Stem

how to draw a poppy

Make a curve line moving upward of that straight line. Making it look like the stem of an umbrella. 

Step 8: Draw a Leaf

how to draw a poppy

On the tip of our curve, draw a tiny circle on it. This will serve as the leaf. By drawing this one, our Poppy drawing will look more beautiful

Step 9: Finish up!

how to draw a poppy

Now we are done. Let us color our creation with red for the flower and green for the leaf. We are free to use any color that we like. The important thing here is, we make our masterpiece a colorful one. Good job little one!

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