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How to Draw a Tulip in 6 Simple Steps

Tulips come in a variety of colors, each of which represents something different. Tulips are traditionally symbolized love and the onset of spring. Red tulips represent true love, white tulips say, “I’m sorry,” and purple symbolized royalty. A number-colored bouquet of the blossoms, interestingly, is thought to be a compliment to the recipient’s eyes.

This flower is one of the most popular spring blooms. Flowers can be found in flower beds, fields, and gardens, as well as in table arrangements and bouquets. In fact, the vibrantly colored blossoms are one of the most popular flowers for spring wedding centerpieces.

In this tutorial, you will learn the easiest way to draw a tulip. Furthermore, the majority of the steps used are incredibly easy and familiar shapes, so this is ideal for the kids to build their drawing confidence.

Step 1: Draw the First Petal and the Stem

Begin your tulip by drawing the first petal and the stem. On the upper portion of your paper, draw a vertical oblong shape. This will be the first petal of your tulip. Then, add a diagonal line from the bottom part of the petal going downward. 

Step 2: Add the Leaf

The next thing that you need to do, draws an elongated oval shape on the right side of the stem. This shape will be the leaf of the tulip. The leaf must overlap with the bottom part of the stem. You can add one more leaf if you love.

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Step 3: Draw the Second Petal

Let’s start drawing the second petal on the right side by drawing a curved line from the right outer side of the first petal going downward inside. Then enclose your second petal by adding another curved on the outer part of it. Add a diagonal line to the stem to make it clearer.

Step 4: Add the Third Petal

Draw a curved line from the top left corner going down inside to the first petal then enclose it by drawing another curved line from the top left corner going outward. Connect the curved line on the bottom part. Erase the line that overlaps with the third line.

Step 5: Draw the Last Petal

This time we will draw the last petal of your tulips. Draw a curved line from the top of the second petal slightly going upward. Continue the curved line going down to the third petal of the tulip.

Step 6: Finish up!

Hurray! You made it!  Now it’s time for you to choose a color for your tulip. If you are showing affection to the person color the tulip red. If you feel sorry, color it white. You can add the meaning of the color you picked below your drawing.

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