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Kids Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printable Downloads)

Welcome to our collection of free coloring pages for kids in both printable PDF and downloadable PDF formats.

Did you know that coloring pages for kids have been around since the 1800s? You'd be surprised to find that your coloring pages have a very long and artistic history. In fact, if you're trying to get your girls interested in coloring pages, you should know that Kate Greenaway is the ancestor of modern coloring pages. She pioneered this form of art for young kids by having competitions. This increased the popularity of these unique books. Coloring pages were later adopted for an American audience with a twist. If you want to know more about coloring pages for kids, you should keep on reading. 

Why Should Your Kids Use Coloring Pages?

Coloring pages are a great resources for both boys and girls (i.e. all kids... and adults). We include coloring pages for girls and coloring pages for boys.

There are many interesting benefits for your kids when they shift their focus from watching TV towards coloring pages. Moreover, historical facts show that these books have more to offer than meets the eye. Some of the most interesting facts about coloring pages for kids are these one. 

1. They Were Meant to Educate Children 

Did you know that there have been reform movements that have helped to shape the way that your children are educated nowadays? The aim of introducing coloring pages for kids as part of educational planning was to ensure that kids improve their social development. Have you noticed that these books are an interactive tool that you use to not only teach your kids about things, but that also helps you to entertain them? Let's face it, kids love to explore different things. This means that you end up running out of ideas. Yet, with some fun coloring pages, you can rest-assure that you can keep them busy for hours. 

2. They Promote Different Views

If you want to get your kids to engage in social commentary, you should invest in coloring pages for kids. You can find coloring books that cover most topics that you want your kids to learn about.  Let's say that you want to teach your children about the effects of global warming, you should find a suitable coloring book that can make this a fun learning experience.

3. They Offer Stress Relief

Adults aren't the only people who are likely to struggle with anxiety and stress. The fact is that your kids are going through many confusing changes at such a rapid pace. In most cases, they can't find the right words to talk to you about what's happening. To help your kids understand their complex emotions better, you should think of getting them into coloring for fun. It should help them to reduce their anxiety. Moreover, it should open up a platform for you to talk and to find out about all the things that really happen in the playground. 

4. You Can Go Digital 

Gone are those days when books were only tangible items. The great news is that the advances in technology have made it easier for you to access coloring pages for kids just about anywhere. You can color them in from your devices, and then print them out later if you prefer to hang your work somewhere in your house. There is so much more that you can do with your digital coloring pages for kids. For instance, there are apps that can help you to turn a simple 2D coloring book into a 3D printable version. 

5. There Are Options

Nowadays, you can find a coloring book on just about anything. If your kid doesn't enjoy soccer, then you can try out a coloring book about cars or even the galaxy. When it comes to choosing the type of book that you want your kids to color in, there is usually no limit. 

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