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Free MOTH Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free MOTH coloring pages. Click the Moth pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Moth coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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About Moth Coloring Pages

Believe it or not, moths can be quite colorful. Most of us only think of the brownish-gray moths that hover around. Imagine coloring pages filled with moths of all kinds. Most would be surprised at the number of vivid colorful moths because moths are just as colorful as butterflies. We all know how beautiful and colorful butterflies are. However, moths can be equally colorful. 

Moths go through four different stages. Starting with the egg phase and progressing to the larva, pupa and adult stage. You can color the moth at every stage when you use moth coloring pages. Of course, the most vivid stage is the adult stage once the moth is fully developed. Moths are various colors during different stages of life. Moth coloring pages can be used to color the moth at every stage of life. 

Moths have scales that cover their wings, unlike many insects. Consider the Rosy Maple moth with its pink and yellow wings. Coloring these beautiful insects can be fun and allows you to use colors you wouldn’t typically associate with moths. However, even if you’re coloring a beautiful gray moth, you can use different hues of gray to color them.Moths are fun to color because they come in a variety of different shades.


For example, the Luna moth is beautiful mint green. Color the wings of a beautiful Luna moth using cool light shades of green. Perhaps one of the most colorful moths is the Lo moth. They are a beautiful canary yellow with a splash of orange. Imagine using a sunny yellow crayon and a bright orange to color the Lo moth. Moths are fun to color because they come in a vivid array of different colors. The atlas moth mimics the colors of fall. Use brown and burnt orange to color the wings of the atlas moth. You can fill a coloring page with diverse colorful moths. Picture a colorful moth flitting around a light bulb.

What colors do you see? You can take a bright butter-colored marker or crayon and color the wooings of the Isabella Tiger moth.

Lots of colors

Moth coloring pages are fun for young children who are learning their primary colors. Aside from the gray and brown hues that most people attribute to moths, there are a variety of other moths that are quite colorful. Children can learn their primary colors by not only coloring the common gray and brown moths but the less common ones as well. The Garden Tiger moth is a fun moth to color. It’s black and white speckled wings are combined with orange and black speckled wings.

Pick a color and use it to fill a moth coloring page. You’d be amazed at all the colorful moths that exist. Moth coloring pages allow children to be creative. Because moths come in a wide range of different colors, children can not only exercise their creativity but also learn a wide range of primary and secondary colors.

Kids can blend primary colors to create different colors, allowing them to explore what happens when you merge two or more colors.Moth coloring pages allow children, and people in general, to be creative because moths have a triangular shape that’s easy to trace and color. Children can focus on the colors they choose without worrying about tracing a complicated shape. Plus, the creative piece of the puzzle makes it easy for children to choose any color while coloring moths on a coloring page. Even if they’ve never seen a purple moth, the sky’s the limit. They can fill a moth coloring page with purple, pink, and blue moths. Contrary to popular belief, moths don’t become butterflies.

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