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Free PREYING MANTIS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free PREYING MANTIS coloring pages. Click the PREYING MANTIS pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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I remember when I was a youngster, having many happy hours coloring in the pages of my Popeye coloring book, or my Superman book. I remember using lots of color to bring Popeye’s sailor suit to life and using lots of greens to liven up those cans of spinach, as well as my liberal use of red and blue on Superman’s costume. These days, there are lots more diverse subjects for coloring pages, and many of them are more true-to-life than comic book characters. That’s partly because there is a much greater emphasis on educating youngsters at an early age and providing them with the knowledge they’ll need to succeed in life. Of course, coloring in a preying mantis may not be information that helps your child become an adult success, but it can provide some useful information about another of the creatures who inhabit our natural world. That being the case, by all means, turn your child loose on a coloring book of preying mantis subjects, and just sit back and check out the pleasant results.

What’s great about coloring a preying mantis?

There’s something fascinating about creatures that can fly, and some of that fascination may have occurred in your child. Whether it’s a majestic eagle or a lowly mosquito or housefly, it can still fire the imagination. What child hasn’t imagined himself/herself taking flight and soaring over the environment below? Although it’s true that a mantis will generally prefer to walk when short distances are involved, they certainly do fly as well, and that puts them in the category of awe-inspiring. While your child is coloring a preying mantis on a page, it’s possible that some information provided on the page will sink in, and educate your youngster about its body parts, its life cycle, and possibly even its behaviors. The information may not be crucial in the development of a child, but it’s always worth knowing a little more about the fellow creatures who share the earth with us. Coloring a preying mantis can be a fairly simple artistic exercise for your youngster, since it’s a fairly small creature. It’s entirely possible that a single color could be used to fill in the entire picture, given the fact that all the body parts will be relatively small. Trying to add lots of color to very confined body part areas may be more work than your young artist cares to tackle.

Coloring in a preying mantis

It might be a little difficult for your youngster to color the legs and the antennae of a coloring book preying mantis, because both will be depicted on the page as long, slender objects. However, this might be good practice for your child, and it could have the effect of contributing to the discipline of keeping the colors within the very narrow confines of those body parts. It will be considerably easier to color the wings, the head, and the body, because those parts are much larger, so there will be more space for the young artist to get creative about coloring. In any case, coloring in a preying mantis will provide a challenge to the young artist, as well as a reward, with built-in opportunities for demonstrating coloring discipline and creativity at the same time. It will definitely call for greater precision than coloring in a dump truck or skyscraper, but youngsters aren’t too concerned about precision, and are much more focused on enjoying the experience.

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