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Free BUG Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Bugs, creepie-crawlies! Do they drive you nuts? Check out these fun facts about these little animals; maybe you’ll love them.  

  • The ladybug is likely to eat more than 5000 insects throughout its life.
  • A butterfly uses its feet to taste.
  • A dung beetle is so strong that it can yank 1,141 times its body weight.
  • Female spiders can lay up more than 2000 eggs at once.

Welcome to our collection of free BUG coloring pages. Click the bug pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every bug coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Beautiful butterfly surround by flowers while holding the book.


Bee collecting nectars with three butterflies flying over it.


Illustration oa a ladybug peacefully sleeping on a flower while holding a balloon,


A snail and a ladybug climbing a tree with four butterflies flying over them,


Bees gathering nectars from flowers and brining it to their nest.


Three ladybugs climbing a flower with a butter flying over it.


One long caterpillar surrounded by a lady bug and a butterfly.


Two beautiful butterflies flying over some flowers, a snail, and a ladybug.


Two caterpillars walking side by side surrounded by grass and beautiful flowers.


A ladybug and a butterfly flying over a flower-filled shoe with a snail walking on it.


Two lovely ants extending their arms to each other with flowers and mushroom in their surroundings.


Illustration of a worm and ladybug smiling with each other,


Princess Atta taking care of Dot’s antenna with an ant on the back.


Illustration of two ants gathering their food with a smiling ladybug crawling on the grass.


A colony of wants working together with butterflies flying over them.


Illustration of six ants enjoying the water with each other.


Bugs from different species living together on the forest.


Illustration of four happy bugs from different species.


Different happy bugs surrounding two trees in a forest.


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With these exciting facts about bugs, we’re sure you’d love our beautiful bugs coloring pages. And we’re certain parents, and their kids will have a fine and dandy time working with colors and brilliant illustrations. Yes, it’s about bugs (not bugging you), including butterflies, ants, and more.

These exciting free coloring pages can also improve the kids’ fine motor skills. All insect coloring sheets are printable, and every preschool child can enjoy them. After coloring all the pages, they can make a wonderful book.

Here are some fun-filled bugs coloring pages you’ll find for free.

Caterpillars! Caterpillars!

Did you know that caterpillars have 12 eyes? Please don’t mess up with them; they can see you. With this coloring page, kids will enjoy seeing the caterpillar flying over beautiful flowers. Roses, daisies, orchids, and much more are some flowers the little ones will color.

It’s reading time

Mother butterfly is reading her favorite book in a garden with flowers. Here the kids will find out what she’s reading while working on the insect coloring page. 

Welcome to bees!

Bees love human beings. And they’re kind, too. It’s because they give us honey, which is good for our health. With this coloring page, kids will see butterflies and bees having fun as friends. They’ll color bees collecting nectar with three butterflies.

Ladybug does the unthinkable!

Today, ladybug decides to use a flower as her bed; she is sleeping like a baby. What a beautiful ladybug coloring page your kids will shade.

No, it’s not Usain Bolt racing

It’s the snail and the ladybug. Who’ll win the race? Let your kids find out with this coloring page showing the race of the year.  A tree is the racing field as a snail, and a ladybug are climbing up the tall tree. Meanwhile, four butterflies are flying over the racers. We don’t know which bug the butterflies are rooting for.

Ladybug doesn’t tire

We guess the snail didn’t make it because the race is now among three ladybugs. In addition, butterflies are still flying over a flower, this time somewhat bored with the whole game. Your kids will have some fun with the free printable coloring page. They can use colored pencils, crayons, etc., to make eye-catching illustrations.

Caterpillar again!

Ahh, one long caterpillar decides to join a party hosted by ladybug and friends. Ladybug says, “come on,” let’s dance all day long. As the little ones work on this bug coloring page, they’ll learn to work together. 

That vegetable like an umbrella

Do you like mushrooms? We hope you do. With this free coloring page, kids will color a big mushroom surrounded by four ladybugs. Why are ladybugs everywhere?  

Friends forever!

Let the kids enjoy working on this coloring page with two caterpillars walking side by side. Where? It’s in the midst of a garden of flowers; quite romantic! Kids will love this craft. There are many more bugs coloring pages. Let’s have fun.

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